Posted on March 18, 2020 by Kate Halsall

Whilst the motive8 gym is still open for business, we know that this rapidly changing world of self isolation, home working and limited travel could be used as an excuse for you to forgo your usual workout routine. Yes, your workouts may now need to take a different approach, but still, even without equipment you can get a great workout in. Click here for one great example. What’s more, here’s 5 reasons why workouts at home are great!

It doesn’t matter what you look like!

Don’t get me wrong, you still need to wear the right footwear to minimise injury and some people will absolutely need the right sports underwear (you know what I mean ladies). But, you don’t have to put on your best gym gear – or be colour co-ordinated (personally I’ve been known to keep my pjs on!), do your hair, wear clean socks, shave, worry about smelling of sweat etc etc. You could even go the extra mile and wear something completely outrageous. No one is going to see (or smell) you. It’s quite liberating!

You won’t lose your place!

Does this scenario sound familiar: you find a bench and a mat, grab some dumbbells, kettlebells, maybe a barbell. You set about going through your circuit, you’re sweating so you go to grab some blue roll, come back and someone has taken one of your weights or is now using the bench. Grrrr. Well you’re not going to get that at home are you! You may of course find a pet or child lying in the way or trying to pick up your kit (the child of course unless you have incredibly talented pets), but that’s not the same! Your space is yours, it’s your own private gym.

You can try something new without being nervous!

Ever wanted to give yoga a go but were worried that you’re not flexible enough and you’d make a fool out of yourself? Or wanted to do a HIIT class but were worried that you wouldn’t be able to keep up? Well now you can! The world is your oyster! So much of the fitness industry was already online and so much more is about to be. Now is your chance to try different things from the comfort of your own home with no fear of judging! Try this 5 minute HIIT for size for example.

Blasting your music out!

If you don’t wear headphones in the gym you are often stuck listening to the playlist of the staff’s choice. But even for those who do wear headphones, there’s got to be something said about the joys of listening to your own music loudly (and not directly shoving it into your ear drums)! Ok ok ok – be mindful of your neighbours!

It actually saves time!

There’s something to be said about getting out of bed, getting dressed (optional), walking into one of your rooms and having a workout! There’s no having to “be bothered” to drive to the gym, go outside in the wet and cold, pack your gym bag etc etc. You just rock up to your own private gym, have a shower when you want, grab water when you want; and then you log back in to work. Super!

Look, the real deal is that we NEED to keep moving during these uncertain times. If you can’t make it to the gym, make sure that you do something. Keep a routine going. Keep fit and healthy. If you don’t have kit at home – don’t worry, this is just temporary. And when this all blows over, we’re here at the gym ready for you! See you soon.