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Stuffed Peppers

Stuffing vegetable with bolognese can be such an effective way of getting protein, essentials fats and loads of your 5 (or 7) a day in at once – whilst limiting carbohydrate intake. Peppers, mushrooms and aubergines are a few of … Continue reading

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A Look Into Alex’s Dissertation – Plyometric Training

‘Plyometric training (PT) involves any jumping-type exercise that aims to enable the involved muscles to reach maximal force (Wallace et al, 2010). It is a type of training involving an active muscle switching from a rapid eccentric muscle action to … Continue reading

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Alex’s Favorite Strength Workout

  During a training session, we all have exercises we like, and exercises we hate. You may think as a personal trainer I can just programme exercises and training session I really enjoy. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case very often. … Continue reading

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Reps? Sets? Strength & Hypertrophy Training – What You Need To Know

In today’s world of social media, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (just to name a few) it is so easy to think you know what you are doing in the gym. Truthfully, I think people may still be a little confused … Continue reading

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Pastryless Quiche

When it comes to eating healthily, a lot of recipes are altered to make them healthier (Shepherd’s pie, cauliflower rice, protein pancakes etc etc etc.). Sometimes instead of completely changing the recipe, removing one part of the recipe will do … Continue reading

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Needs Analysis – What Makes A Good Cricketer?

A ‘Needs Analysis’ is a term that is used to discover the key physical attributes needed to be successful in sporting performance. Without doing this it is impossible to programme or pick the correct exercises to suit your athlete. It … Continue reading

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Wimbledon Workout

  I love Wimbledon! But like watching anything on TV you don’t want to get too sedentary. This got me thinking, could I train using the tennis? Answer – yes! Here is a workout for you tennis lovers, just like … Continue reading

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Split Squat or Back Squat – Which Should I Do?

Recently I have been loving listening to my podcasts. I am a massive badger when it comes strength and conditioning (S&C) and personal training books, podcasts, blogs or anytime of information source. Out of all the podcasts I have listened … Continue reading

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How To Improve Your Economy of Endurance Exercise

Educating our clients is one of our main goals here at motive8 North, surprisingly though it is the more experienced exercisers that often need a tip or two. Many of the endurance athletes that come to us, especially runners, are … Continue reading

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Changing Your Training Environment – 4 Key Factors

Everyone likes to train in different ways, in different environments. I don’t pretend to be any sort of psychologist, but it does really interest me how motivation and therefore training adaptation can be altered so much by the environment that … Continue reading

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