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Keep Your Body Ticking Over – Prehab & Recovery Gym Session

As most of you will know I am trying to go through Lent without having a ‘rest day’ – so some sort of training session every day. It’s going well, I have done about three weeks so far without missing a training session and by my maths I have about two and a bit weeks […]

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My Healthy Spicy Meatball Recipe

Ok, I will admit, when it comes to food I am creature of habit – I am so boring. I cycle through 4 or 5 meals throughout the week. I will have chicken and veg, a frittata (variety of veggies and meats), soup and sometimes I’ll have a carbohydrate meal, if I have had a […]

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What Is Burnout? And Why Do We Get It?

  It is usually around this time of year that people start giving up on the gym, one reason for this we call ‘burnout’. Some people may just have a lack of motivation or not sufficient drive to reach their goals, whereas burnout can be caused due to several different factors. So how do you […]

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Beyond The Gym…..The Other Benefits of Exercise

We all know exercise can help you lose fat, get fitter, tone up, help you become stronger, etc. But is that it? Absolutely not, doing any exercise, sport and physical activity goes far beyond the gym, getting fitter and losing weight. A lot of the below will be abit ‘left field thinking’ or ‘thinking slightly […]

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Resistance Band Training

I saw a post on social media recently, asking what are the equipment essentials in a personal training studio or as a home personal trainer? This got me thinking, what would be my one piece of training kit I would take everywhere. Dumbbells are great, but a bit bulky to take everywhere, and generally you […]

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Top 5 Deadlift Variations

I have said it before and I will say it again, in my humble opinion the Deadlift and ‘hinge’ movement pattern is the most effective exercise that can be performed. It is a compound movement that requires strength, stability and mobility and numerous different joints of the body. It is a fatiguing exercise that activates […]

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Meat and Veggie Frittata Recipes

Looking for a healthy meal, that can easily manipulate dependent on your food cravings, that is very quick and easy to make and also tastes great. Look no further than my frittata recipes. If, like me, you aren’t amazing in the kitchen, but you want to eat as healthily as possible with little effort then […]

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An Insight Into Alex’s Training Goals

Don’t worry this isn’t another blog about New Years resolutions. Although, on that topic, my reading is coming along beautiful – I am too chapters away from finishing my first book. ‘Black Box Thinking’, written by Matthew Syed. It’s an enjoyable read – a couple of clients have given me some more books to get […]

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All In One Workout

Coaching, movement and exercise is my job, but it is also my passion. My biggest philosophy is ‘what is the point of doing a movement if you’re not going to do it right’ – I really mean as close to perfect as possible. Relating everything back to science is also key in my session planning. […]

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Corn and Courgette Cakes

Time is the biggest killer of my love for cooking and trying new recipes. If I had it all my way I would experimenting and trying new foods all the time, unfortunately I don’t prioritise this as highly as I should. I still manage to eat relatively well, but it usually easy meals such as […]

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The Motive8 Teams’ New Year Resolutions – Or Not?!

We have nearly made it through the first week of 2018 and so far, so good (apart from dropping both of my phones down the toilet!). New Year resolutions are something that get a bad rap off most people, and that is mostly because no one ever sticks to them. Which makes no sense, why […]

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Alex’s Yoga and Dancing ‘Journey’

In October I moved to Leeds, along with this I thought it would be great to start to new activities that could potentially grow into hobbies. I decided to pick one activity that challenges me and to be completely honest, scared the hell out of me. The other one I thought could be used to […]

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Christmas Peppermint Fudge Balls!

Christmas is two weeks away now, you will have noticed how the festivities are in full swing. A massive part of Christmas, is the festive foods. Some of the classics are mince pies, Christmas cake, cheeseboards, festive chocolates, mulled wine, trifle etc, etc, etc. Isn’t it hard to stay healthy with all these temptations to hand? […]

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