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Alex’s Yoga and Dancing ‘Journey’

In October I moved to Leeds, along with this I thought it would be great to start to new activities that could potentially grow into hobbies. I decided to pick one activity that challenges me and to be completely honest, scared the hell out of me. The other one I thought could be used to […]

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Christmas Peppermint Fudge Balls!

Christmas is two weeks away now, you will have noticed how the festivities are in full swing. A massive part of Christmas, is the festive foods. Some of the classics are mince pies, Christmas cake, cheeseboards, festive chocolates, mulled wine, trifle etc, etc, etc. Isn’t it hard to stay healthy with all these temptations to hand? […]

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Spine Stability Exercises – Lumbar Stabilisation

As many of you will know I split my time with working here at motive8 with helping Yorkshire CCC in the Sport Science department. This winter I will predominantly be working with the Academy and youth athletes. During one of the first sessions, this week, the physiotherapists and ourselves spent about 30 minutes focusing just […]

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Winter Warming Circuit Training Session

I joke around and always say – ‘self-praise is no praise’, however I just wrote the best circuit training session for class this evening! What The Benefits of Circuit Training? – High metabolic demanding, therefore it is great for fat burning. – Time efficient, people don’t always want to be in the gym for 60 […]

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Winter Warming Spicy Lamb Stew

I think it may be time to ditch the shorts, it is officially cold! Just got inside from the lunch time class and my hands are like ice cubes – it has taken me 20 minutes to type this first sentence out! When it comes to weather like this there is only one type of […]

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The Squat – The How & Why!

The squat, whether a back squat, front squat, goblet squat is a fundamental movement pattern in 99% of peoples training programme, and if it isn’t it should be. Types of Squat – Back Squat – Front Squat – Goblet Squat – Single-leg Variations – Overhead Why Should You Squat? – Compound movement – targeting a […]

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Olympic Weightlifting Workout

The next stage of my UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) accreditation is a workshop on weightlifting, this is not just lifting any weights however you want but is the term used to cover the two specific movements – the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. Both have been shown to increase power at the […]

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New to the gym? A Beginner’s Gym Guide

I am trying to challenge myself and trying a couple of new things that are outside my comfort zone. One of these is Yoga, I have booked myself onto a block of sessions and will aim to go at least once a week. Hopefully I will be able to touch my toes sometime soon… As […]

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Reasons Why I Love Life At Motive8 North

So, it is coming up to about a year since, I started working for motive8 North, well I originally started on work experience and then Jenny was mad enough to offer me  job. It’s crazy to think it’s been that long; what a wonderful year I have had here at motive8 North. There are so […]

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Agility And Speed Workout

How Speed and Agility Applies To You I am sure everyone will have gathered that I attended a UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) Workshop this weekend down in London. It was about Plyometrics, Agility and Speed, some of you may not know what that means, some of you may like to know what it […]

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Food Trackers – Good or Bad?

Up until about a month ago I had always tried to eat healthy but never counted my calorie intake. If I was eating mostly proteins, good carbohydrates and good fats – whilst limiting the ‘crap’ foods I would be happy. To be completely honest that worked well for me, considering how active I am I […]

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