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Body weight pyramid circuit

Tried and tested on my clients, class members and myself, I bring you the killer body weight pyramid circuit. Who knew six exercises could be so effective. Targeting the whole body and cardio system, sure to leave you feeling like you’ve worked for it. Also sure to leave you pretty sore for a few days […]

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Chia seed pudding

Last week we posted about breakfast ideas and one suggestion was chia seed pudding. Pudding for breakfast? Yes, you heard me right, pudding for breakfast. This is a super easy breakfast to prepare but can also serve as an actual pudding. Ingredients: Chia seeds Milk of choice Fruit of choice Sweetener of choice Additional flavours/spices […]

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Breakfast ideas

Let’s talk about breakfast. Not on whether you should or shouldn’t eat it (previous blog) but “what else can I eat besides eggs?”. A client recently posed this question, but perhaps I’m the wrong person to answer it as everyone knows my obsession with porridge. But I do love food and especially breakfast! So here I […]

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Vegetable Yaki Soba

A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon on a cooking class. Not that I’m a bad cook but I’m all up for new experiences.  I took the opportunity to learn a few knife skills and practice a dish I have never made before. Vegetable Yaki Soba was on the menu. I have never heard […]

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Journey to Success – How to Lose Weight

A couple of week’s ago we posted on our member of the month, Abi Bolton and her dramatic weight loss results for her wedding. You can read here the reasons why she was nominated and chosen; but thought I would share with you how we created the journey to success – how to lose weight, […]

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Coconut Peanut Curry

I went out for Thai food the other week and had Pad Thai noodles. After that all I had on my mind was the taste of them (they were amazing!). It’s the peanuts that do it for me. I had to curb my craving. Just eating peanut butter from the jar wasn’t exactly what I […]

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Simple Sun Salutation

The 3 day yoga blog extravaganza continues. First “What is yoga“, followed by “Buddha Balls” and now “how to perform a simple sun salutation”. I mentioned in the “What is yoga” blog that you can learn a sequence so that you can practise yoga where ever you go; sun salutations are just that. There are […]

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Healthy Snack – Buddha Balls

I’m going for a bit of yoga theme this week; although buddha balls are bit of a tenuous link to yoga. Buddha, Buddhism and yoga all have their roots in India and my friend from the yoga studio gave me the recipe. All the same, these are a yummy healthy snack/treat that you can whip […]

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Did I tell you I do yoga (lol)? For those of you who attend the studio regularly you’ll know that it is “my thing”. That and of course now my new love, the van (another story)! I am currently training to be a yoga teacher and will graduate in June next year but I am starting to teach some small classes now. Last week one of my teachers posed the question “if an alien landed on Earth, how would you describe yoga to them?” This is a good question, what is yoga?

What is yoga?

  • The word “yoga” can be translated from Sanskrit (the ancient language of Hinduism) as “union”. This union is made between the self and the spirit through practices including breath, asana (postures) and meditation. These practices make up different limbs (there are 8) which are explored until you reach samadhi (enlightenment).
  • In the western world we mostly engage in the third limb, asana/postures. The idea of practising these postures is to prepare our bodies to be able to sit for long periods of time in meditation.
  • In a Hindu scripture yoga is described as “the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”.

Is yoga for me?

  • Yes. Yoga is for everyone. And you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga, that comes with practising yoga. An Indian yoga teacher, Pattabhi Jois, worked with quadriplegic individuals, placing them in postures and instructing breath. You don’t have any excuses.
  • I may have put you off with all the spiritual talk, but as mentioned, many people will focus on the asana practice. This can help with strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and body alignment. Therefore is a suitable form of exercise for many and can benefit other forms of training you may partake in.
  • There are so many different forms of yoga, there is bound to be a style that suits your needs. Don’t try one class and say it is not for you.
  • But if the asana practice is not for you then you could try breath work and meditation. Benefits of this are reduction in stress, anxiety and depression, better sleep and focus and feelings of relaxation.

OK, I’m interested. How do I start?

  • You need very little to get going. Just your body and some commitment. A mat will help but if you attend a studio this is not essential.
  • Attend classes at yoga studios or gyms. Or try it in your own home using YouTube or a private instructor.
  • You could learn a set sequence then take it anywhere you like. Practising in nature (beach, woods, park) is particularly uplifting.
  • It doesn’t have to be done for hours at a time either. Introduce yourself to it gradually, maybe 10-15min per day would be enough to feel benefits.

There are so many elements to yoga, I believe you take what you need from it and there is something for everyone. I’m always happy to chat about yoga if you want to know more. You can follow my yoga journey on Instagram @tobeawarrior

Namaste x


2 months ago
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Are BBQs Bad For You?

I have a lot of clients coming to me saying that they didn’t eat well over the weekend. They “confess” that they went to a BBQ and had a good time. A lot of my dietary advice is to “base meals around lean protein and eat plenty of vegetables”; the BBQ is a great way […]

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High Intensity Abs Workout

The unusually long UK heatwave sees no signs of abating yet  (I’m not complaining). But this does mean restless nights leave people tired. There is an overall sense of lethargy and it can be just too hot to train. Let’s not use the weather as excuse not to get a workout done (too typically British). […]

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Spiced Apple Porridge

It’s Summer. It’s scorchio (for a change). And porridge might be the last thing you fancy eating. But if you have an oat obsession like me, then porridge goes anytime. This warm spiced apple porridge is my new favourite. You can always bookmark the recipe for the cooler months. Ingredients 40g oats Milk of your […]

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