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5 Minute Body Weight HIIT

Anyone who has read any of my previous workout blogs, will know by now that I like a quick short blast of good hard work! This week’s workout is exactly that. 5 whole minutes. But it’s a 5 minute body weight HIIT that gets everything working. It’s ideal for when you’re short of time; want […]

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Vegan Keto – 3 Weeks In

Wednesday the 4th July was the weigh-in day of the 3rd week of my attempt at a Vegan Keto diet. So how’s it going I hear you ask! Are you hungry all the time? Is it working? What are your energy levels like? Are you managing to stick to it? What are you actually eating?  […]

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A Cycling Workout Without A Bike!

It’s that time of year again when I enter a 60 mile sportive and hop on my bike in a panic that I need to start training for it!  If you’re planning to do any distance on a bike, it is important to compliment this time out doors with a resistance workout. When looking at […]

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5 Ways With Courgettes

Ahhh the humble courgette. This seasonal bad boy of the vegetable world is not only a staple in a lot of vegetarian and vegan foods, but is also low fodmap, low carb and delicious. Spiralised, mixed with goats cheese, a pizza or pasta topping, in a martini and even in cake (I kid you not) – […]

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Rugby Workout

Today’s back workout was inspired by watching some rugby pre-season training. The training consisted mainly of heavy, explosive compound lifts with some sport specific movements added in between. This workout will be great for anyone who is currently playing or in pre-season for rugby and doesn’t require any specialized kit. I like to vary my […]

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Meal Prep: Marinated Chicken, Wedges and Spinach

To compliment the blog I wrote last week about cardio and weight loss, this week’s food blog is about meal prep. If you can set aside a few hours on a Sunday night to prep meals for the next few days, then it can really help with adhering to your nutrition plan. My current macronutrient […]

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Joe’s Top Cardio Tips

Cardio, the marmite of exercising. As I have recently begun prepping for my first physique competition, I’ve set myself the goal of losing around 12-14 pounds in 16 weeks. Previously I’ve strayed away from cardio and relied solely upon creating a caloric deficit through diet. An approach that I now personally think is slower and […]

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Get On Your Bike!

Next week is “National Bike Week”. That’s right, the 9th – 17th of June is Bike Week 2018. It seems as though I couldn’t have timed my latest challenge any better! I’ve committed to cycling 100 miles during the month of June – are you going to get on your bike in support of bike […]

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Gout and the 20-30 year olds!

We’re often compared to hairdressers because of the small talk that goes on in this gym! Last week we were talking about the rise of gout in 20-30 year old’s and how this seemed to coincide with the rise of craft beer. In fact, the statistics say, there has been a 30% increase in cases […]

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Best 6 Exercises To Tone Your Butt

As a class instructor, I’ve always finished my classes with the saying “any questions please come and ask”. Sometimes I’d get great questions like “my knee hurts when I do such and such what can I do to strengthen it” or “when I run I get pain across my upper back and shoulders”. Now those […]

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Turkey Bolognese

So this week’s food blog is a different version of the family favourite: Spaghetti Bolognese. I’ve replaced beef with turkey mince and served it with seasoned sweet potato slices as a natural carbohydrate source rather than spaghetti. Why would you swap out lean beef mince I hear you cry? If simply having a change isn’t enough, […]

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Client Success Stories – Joanne Baranelli

It’s great to have an opportunity to share our client success stories – especially when they prove people wrong! Joanne is one such example. She proved that regardless of having her own business, she could make time to exercise and plan her food. She also showed us that it definitely does NOT slow down when […]

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