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Pesto Butter Beans

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog all about beans, comparing nutritional values of our favourite beans. Now, it seems only appropriate that I should give you a bean recipe to enjoy. And these creamy pesto butter beans is just the one to get your taste-buds going. Ingredients: Pesto: Garlic clove x 1 Pine […]

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Tofu and Chickpea Curry

Good thick curry does not have to come from a takeaway! Likewise, it doesn’t have to have a tonne of oil added to it. Our blog is full of different curry recipes; we’ve had lentil curry, thai curry and coconut curry! Now we have a tofu and chickpea curry to add to your repertoire! Ingredients […]

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Protein Based Snack Alternatives

I am firm believer that without healthy alternatives to snacks, the average gym goer will have a tough time sticking to a clean eating diet. As I also fall into this category, I decided to try some protein based snack alternatives for some of my go to healthy snacks and foods. 1. Protein pancakes In the […]

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A Weight Loss Diet For People Who Train

There are literally more diets, diet books and weight loss guides in the world than you could possibly count.  Some of them are naff, but for the most part they all tend to work in the sense that if you follow the overall advice you’ll lose weight.  However, how much of that weight loss is […]

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Golden Milk

Those who know me, know I have a little obsession with fresh turmeric. The constant stains on my fingers look like I have a 50-a-day habit. Anything goes, curries, porridge and drinks. Maybe you have never tried it in a drink because the thought of a turmeric latte was just too hipster for you? But […]

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All About Beans

This week’s blog comes to you courtesy of a member’s suggestion (thank you, Lee). It’s all about beans. I took the time to investigate our favourite beans and compared their nutritional contents.  Beans are a great source of protein, especially for non-meat eaters. They also have high fibre levels, B-vitamins as well as other nutrients essential […]

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Thai Prawn Stir Fry

When I think about making a protein-rich meal to have after my workout or for tea, my mind usually wanders to the popular sources such as chicken and beef. In my quest to write my food blog I decided to try something different. This is something that I haven’t really cooked with before. Here’s my […]

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Calculating Calories

It’s February (nearly March eeek!). With this lovely weather and Easter approaching, some people will already be on their “summer body mission”. Some might just be “eating healthier” whilst others may actually be “dieting”. Food and dieting are all about calories. You’ll read on food packaging that men should be eating an average of 2500kcals […]

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Sri Lankan Jackfruit

I’m not sure whether I should call this Sri Lankan Jackfruit or a Curried Jackfruit to be honest. I’ve never had proper Sri Lankan food but I’ve used a Sri Lankan spice mix so I’m going with that! I’m still experimenting with Jackfruit, and the truth be told, I haven’t moved on much since my […]

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Chorizo Style Beans

I’ve never actually had chorizo. I turned veggie before it became “a thing”. I’m also not a big “fake meat” fan; it’s generally processed and tastes like plastic. However, having it once every so often is a great way of getting some protein in my diet. There’s been a whole new vegan range from Iceland […]

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Pear and Walnut Salad

We get a weekly fruit box delivered at Motive8 and wow – we have SO many pears right now! And it is those pears that I used as inspiration for today’s food blog. This is such a straight forward recipe, and tastes great whether it’s served hot or cold. Here is my version of a […]

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Quick and Easy Pre Workout Meals

We’ve all been in the position where we have a workout planned but havent eaten enough beforehand or are just not sure what to eat to get the most out of our training. A properly timed pre workout meal with the right nutrients can really boost your workout. So here are a few ideas for […]

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Alex’s Vegetarian-Friendly Sausage Pasta

Looking for a simple, quick meal that’s vegetarian friendly and actually tastes decent?  I’ve got you covered. Here’s one of my favourite vegetarian-friendly sausage pasta recipes that’s packed full of protein and packed full of flavour. It’s a great meal for food prep too! Ingredients: 9 Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages (1.5 boxes) 300-400g Pasta (About […]

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A New Take On Stuffed Peppers

I went vegetarian when I was 16 and vegan when I was 18. It wasn’t easy back then! Restaurants would literally serve mushroom risotto or stuffed peppers. So now, I really won’t eat them. To my horror, Mindful Chef sent me a recipe this week which is simple a new take on stuffed peppers. At […]

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Transformation Thursday

You may remember Maddie from the previous blog we wrote about her. That was September 2018 and Maddie had lost a stone and a half. But Maddie didn’t stop there. Another Do It In 12 later and a Race For Fitness competition, combined with balancing her food and social life; sees Maddie 2 stone and […]

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