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Pear and Walnut Salad

We get a weekly fruit box delivered at Motive8 and wow – we have SO many pears right now! And it is those pears that I used as inspiration for today’s food blog. This is such a straight forward recipe, and tastes great whether it’s served hot or cold. Here is my version of a […]

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Quick and Easy Pre Workout Meals

We’ve all been in the position where we have a workout planned but havent eaten enough beforehand or are just not sure what to eat to get the most out of our training. A properly timed pre workout meal with the right nutrients can really boost your workout. So here are a few ideas for […]

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Alex’s Vegetarian-Friendly Sausage Pasta

Looking for a simple, quick meal that’s vegetarian friendly and actually tastes decent?  I’ve got you covered. Here’s one of my favourite vegetarian-friendly sausage pasta recipes that’s packed full of protein and packed full of flavour. It’s a great meal for food prep too! Ingredients: 9 Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages (1.5 boxes) 300-400g Pasta (About […]

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A New Take On Stuffed Peppers

I went vegetarian when I was 16 and vegan when I was 18. It wasn’t easy back then! Restaurants would literally serve mushroom risotto or stuffed peppers. So now, I really won’t eat them. To my horror, Mindful Chef sent me a recipe this week which is simple a new take on stuffed peppers. At […]

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Transformation Thursday

You may remember Maddie from the previous blog we wrote about her. That was September 2018 and Maddie had lost a stone and a half. But Maddie didn’t stop there. Another Do It In 12 later and a Race For Fitness competition, combined with balancing her food and social life; sees Maddie 2 stone and […]

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Thai Green Curry

Did you know that the difference between a Thai Green Curry and a Thai Red Curry is simply down to the chilli used? Green curry contains green chilli and red contains – well, you get it. I know right – every day is a school day! I also can’t claim the picture as my own, […]

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Yellow Split Pea Dahl

Finally did some actual cooking in the van this weekend. I don’t think scrambled eggs or fried tofu counts as actual cooking, which is what I mostly make. Or no-cook dishes like my go-to kale and lentil salad to take with me when I’m out and about. I love lentils if you hadn’t guessed already and […]

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Homemade Egg Fried Rice

If you are like me and love the taste of Chinese food, then January can be a tough month to resist that urge to grab the takeaway menu; especially when you’re trying to get rid of the winter belly. Instead of caving I decided to attempt my own Chinese dish to try and recreate those […]

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Broccoli and Pea Soup with Pesto Tofu Croutons

I appreciate that this isn’t a Christmas recipe. I also agree this this is quite possibly the easiest meal you could make! However, despite being quick and easy to make, it’s tasty. All I’ve done is spiced up a broccoli and pea soup with pesto tofu croutons! A quick note here on tofu – you […]

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30 Day Challenge

Before I went on holiday last month, which was very overdue, I was starting to drink more and more coffee. I tend to drink coffee for the enjoyment of it rather than the caffeine fix, usually having just one a day. But because I was feeling so tired, my single coffee a day had snuck […]

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Protein Smoothies

It is common knowledge that for the active gym bunny, protein should make up a large part of the diet. Protein repairs muscle fibres, helps us feel fuller for longer and also contributes towards healthy hair, nails and skin.  Now, it wouldn’t be a food blog without a recipe of some sort for you guys […]

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Alex’s Classic Beef Stew and Dumplings

As the nights get colder and darker there’s no better food to come home to than a classic like beef stew and dumplings.  Plus, it’s a great low calorie meal packed full of protein, vegetables and flavour that leaves you feeling full for hours.     Ingredients… 2-3 potatoes 1-2 swede 2-3 carrots 1 Parsnip […]

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Kale and Kidney Bean Hot Pot

We’ve had stew and casserole, now it’s the time for hot pots! Ok, so I know what you’re thinking, a hot pot should have a sliced potato topping. There’s already no mention of potato.  Truth be told, this is supposed to have a layer of sliced parsnips – but I can’t stand them! I guess […]

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Christmas Countdown and Weight Gain

Ok, you can shoot me for mentioning the “C” word in November. Heck, I’ll shoot myself. But I’m gonna talk about it anyway. My birthday falls exactly 6 weeks before Christmas Eve, so now that’s been, I am accepting of the festive build-up and the Christmas Countdown. My friend and I have been discussing how […]

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Sausage Casserole

This sausage casserole is dead simple to make and delicious. Technically not really a casserole as I don’t cook it in the oven or a casserole dish but I guess you could if you wanted. So maybe a preferred term would be hotpot or ragout. I am a big fan of one-pot meals, keep life […]

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