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Kale and Lentil Salad

I’ve never been hipster or hippy enough (some would argue this) to be into kale. Sometimes I can eat it cooked. And I have hidden it in smoothies but I have just discovered a new way of eating it. I’ve been reading a lot about wilting or tenderising the kale before eating it; I thought […]

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Spice Up Your Eggs – Huevos Rancheros

Ieuan’s Huevos Rancheros The following Mexican recipe will spice up your egg options. These Huevos Rancheros are perfect for a scrumptious breakfast, lunch or dinner. As we’ve left out the tortillas, this is a low carb and high protein meal. It will suit meat eaters and vegetarians alike, and is super quick to cook! All […]

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Accepting Change – Drift From Your “Norm”

This post is going to use my own recent experiences in golf as an analogy for your training or diet. Sometimes we get so used to doing things a certain way and develop habits that we seldom actively move away from these. Being so engrossed in one way of doing something, although at the time […]

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Gout and the 20-30 year olds!

We’re often compared to hairdressers because of the small talk that goes on in this gym! Last week we were talking about the rise of gout in 20-30 year old’s and how this seemed to coincide with the rise of craft beer. In fact, the statistics say, there has been a 30% increase in cases […]

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Roasted tomato soup

Carrying on with the tomato theme from last week, here is a roasted tomato soup recipe to try. I also think I said that I would share it. But I do have a confession, I don’t really like tomatoes! Not raw ones anyway. I keep eating them though convinced that one day I will like […]

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Celebrating tomatoes

Apparently it’s British Tomato Week (21st-27th May) – who knew? This versatile vegetable (or is it a fruit?) is a staple in many diets, forming the base of innumerable dishes. Eaten raw, cooked, sun-dried, blended, as sauce or even drunk (bloody Mary anyone?). The list is endless. There are also more than 10,000 different varieties […]

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Turkey Bolognese

So this week’s food blog is a different version of the family favourite: Spaghetti Bolognese. I’ve replaced beef with turkey mince and served it with seasoned sweet potato slices as a natural carbohydrate source rather than spaghetti. Why would you swap out lean beef mince I hear you cry? If simply having a change isn’t enough, […]

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Which Diet Works The Best?

Weight Watchers? Atkins? Ketogenic? Cabbage soup? Paleo? Vegetarian? Mediterranean? You’ve likely heard of one or more of these diets. You may well have tried one or two. But which diet works the best? The question should be “best at what?”. Diet can be defined as “the food we habitually eat”. As in “junk food diet” […]

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Steak and Ale Casserole

The following recipe is perfect when you need a hearty meal that is easy to cook and you can leave slow cooking away whilst you get on with your chores and tasks. The mixture of vegetables will provide you with many of your healthy nutrients, but you will also get a little treat from the ale marinated […]

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Sweet Potato Risotto

I’ve always said I don’t like risotto. But it’s weird, when I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten risotto. I don’t know if I’ve got it into my head that I don’t like it. Or if I have actually tried it once, didn’t like it and blocked it from my mind. With […]

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Pre-Workouts, What Are They All About?

  There appears to be a big rise in the popularity of pre-workout powders, pills, and concoctions within the gym. You can walk into any gym and be blinded the luminescent glow of someone’s pre-workout-filled shaker. The question is though, “pre-workouts, what are they all about?” The luminous colour in itself would set alarms bells […]

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Personal Training Success Story!

Val was one of my first personal training clients after starting at motive8 back in September. I think she may have had some apprehensions initially with me being a new personal trainer. But I too felt some pressure to do a good job and not let her down. Luckily, we built a great relationship and […]

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Egg-citing Twist To A Breakfast Classic

Whilst a boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat, who doesn’t enjoy a plate of simple scrambled eggs as a quick and easy meal? With only 66 calories per medium sized egg, 4.6g fat, 6.4g protein and only a trace of carbohydrates along with an egg-cellent source of Vitamin B2, B12, D and […]

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Guilt Free Tiffin

As promised to our Instagram followers, here is a guilt free tiffin recipe. I was introduced to this a few weeks ago and now can’t get enough of the stuff! Of course if you eat the whole block, it’s not guilt free! It’s also dead simple to knock together; well, if like me you have most of the […]

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Warm Green Vegetable Salad

The sun is finally here – for this week at least! For this food blog, I thought of spring and took inspiration from a Deliciously Ella recipe. I’ve not had asparagus for a long time (it’s not fodmap friendly), but I do love it. There really is a healthy feel about an all green vegetable salad – […]

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