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45 Minute Back And Biceps Workout

Here’s a great back and biceps workout that you can fit perfectly into your lunch break with enough time to shower and get back to the office.  It uses a variety of movement patterns to target different back muscles, plus it uses supersets to save time and special metabolite techniques for a nasty pump and […]

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The Benefits of Group Training

I represented my county at Cross Country Running when I was younger. I know right! With my white legs and bottle green sports “knickers”, I ran. I hated it. I struggled to breathe every time I ran (my asthma hadn’t been diagnosed then) and I was lonely. Running by myself – I hated it. Now […]

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Client Success Stories – Do It In 12

We all have different reasons for starting our fitness and weight-loss journeys. When Maddie signed up for personal training she had specific goals for us to help her achieve.  A holiday was booked for August and she wanted to not only look good but feel good for it. Do It In 12 was perfectly timed […]

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Push Pull and Legs Programme

A number of my personal training clients have split training programmes which are based on their goals and frequency of their training. One of my favourite splits is a Push Pull and Legs programme. With an emphasis on multi-joint compound exercises – a favourite here at motive8; it’s simple and effective and can hit every […]

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What Does A Personal Trainer Eat? A Full Day of Eating With Alex!

Before we get started I think it’s important to make a little disclaimer here, I eat a lot of food, far beyond what most people should eat. As a coach and personal trainer I’m on my feet being active for hours every day, and when I’m not coaching I’m doing my own training as a […]

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Boxing Circuit

I love boxing. Well, I love pad work! When I did my stint for charity in a Pink Collar Match, I got to train like a boxer. I don’t get to do much pad work now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still use the training for inspiration! This boxing circuit draws on some exercises […]

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Bodybuilding, Masculinity and Steroids

In this blog I share my top books that I have read over the past few months. You may be wondering what this has to do with the gym! But as you will see, the books I suggest have gym-related themes and have been hugely beneficial in helping me with my PHD. On top of […]

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5 Minute AMRAP

Have you ever had one of those days where you just fancy an AMRAP? No? Just me then! An AMRAP is “As Many Rounds As Possible”, and is usually performed for time. It’s a chance to really push yourself, and the best thing is that it’s repeatable – so you can do it again another […]

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Sport-Specific Training; How to Design Your Programme

Sport-Specific Training; How to Design Your Programme! The following article will provide an overview of some principles of how to design your training and implement your own sports-specific programme. Designing an effective programme will help you boost your sport-related fitness and performance. There are whole catalogue of exercises, protocols, and approaches to sport-specific training. What […]

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Getting Great Glutes!

Ieuan’s Backside-Boosting Workout I feel there are several motivations for getting great glutes in modern society. For me, the gluteals are the anchor for a stable body. They provide us with the support and stability to maintain a netural, strong, spine and core. For others, the aesthetic appeal for a firm and perfectly rounded bottom […]

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3 Tips For Maximising Your Results In Minimum Time

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been insanely busy at least once in our lives. Maybe you’ve been given some extra responsibility at work or perhaps your home life needs more of your time. Instead of letting all your hard-earned fitness go to waste, what you need is a simple way of how to maximise your […]

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The Perfect Leg Workout

They’re often a neglected body part, mainly because training them is hard and sweaty work. But if you’re after a great looking, strong and athletic body, then leg training should be a weekly staple. To help you with that, here’s one of my personal favourite leg workouts, and it’s ridiculously effective for building strength and […]

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Simple Sun Salutation

The 3 day yoga blog extravaganza continues. First “What is yoga“, followed by “Buddha Balls” and now “how to perform a simple sun salutation”. I mentioned in the “What is yoga” blog that you can learn a sequence so that you can practise yoga where ever you go; sun salutations are just that. There are […]

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What Is Yoga?

Did I tell you I do yoga (lol)? For those of you who attend the studio regularly you’ll know that it is “my thing”. That and of course now my new love, the van (another story)! I am currently training to be a yoga teacher and will graduate in June next year but I am […]

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Meet Motive8’s New Personal Trainer – Alex!

We’re excited to introduce you to the newest addition to the Motive8 team: Alex Parry. He’s just set our Monthly Challenge for August and if you haven’t already, you’ll be sure to meet him in the gym and classes. As he’s only just started as one of our Personal Trainers, we’re keen to learn a […]

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