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A Cycling Workout Without A Bike!

It’s that time of year again when I enter a 60 mile sportive and hop on my bike in a panic that I need to start training for it!  If you’re planning to do any distance on a bike, it is important to compliment this time out doors with a resistance workout. When looking at […]

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Rugby Workout

Today’s back workout was inspired by watching some rugby pre-season training. The training consisted mainly of heavy, explosive compound lifts with some sport specific movements added in between. This workout will be great for anyone who is currently playing or in pre-season for rugby and doesn’t require any specialized kit. I like to vary my […]

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Ditching the Scales – Should You Focus on Weight?

Ditching the Scales! So many clients walk through the gym doors seeking a drop in the number of the scales. It is great to have a goal, but should you focus on your weight? Sometimes it is worth ditching the scales and making sure we have other, less weight-focused goals. Unfortunately we are all made […]

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Joe’s Top Cardio Tips

Cardio, the marmite of exercising. As I have recently begun prepping for my first physique competition, I’ve set myself the goal of losing around 12-14 pounds in 16 weeks. Previously I’ve strayed away from cardio and relied solely upon creating a caloric deficit through diet. An approach that I now personally think is slower and […]

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Full Body Beasting Workout

Ieuan’s Full Body Beasting The following full body beasting is one that I personally did last week. It was the perfect mid-week full-body smash that tapped into elements of strength, power, and conditioning. It takes a very compound approach that tries to work multiple muscles groups and really challenge the body. Some of the kit […]

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Moving To The Beat: Ieuan’s Training Playlist

Ieuan’s Training Music Playlist Most people spend their gym lives moving to the beat of their chosen playlist and the effects of music on exercise have been researched for many decades. Many researchers have argued that listening to music while we engage in our exercises helps increase our training durations, energy efficiency, and work output, […]

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Get On Your Bike!

Next week is “National Bike Week”. That’s right, the 9th – 17th of June is Bike Week 2018. It seems as though I couldn’t have timed my latest challenge any better! I’ve committed to cycling 100 miles during the month of June – are you going to get on your bike in support of bike […]

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100 Reps Circuit

A cheeky, favourite circuit of mine. And I think enjoyed by many of our members too (maybe not all). Does 100 reps sound hard? Let’s call it “challenging”.  And you can make it as easy or as challenging as you like really. The circuit will take you 40-60 minutes to build up to 100 reps, […]

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Accepting Change – Drift From Your “Norm”

This post is going to use my own recent experiences in golf as an analogy for your training or diet. Sometimes we get so used to doing things a certain way and develop habits that we seldom actively move away from these. Being so engrossed in one way of doing something, although at the time […]

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Change Up Your Training

When is the best time to change up your training? Lately my progress with my current programme has been giving diminishing returns. This in turn can affect my motivation to train so I’ve decided to mix things up with a change of goals. So how long should you run a programme for before changing? Goal-based […]

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Killer Leg Workout

Don’t Miss Leg Day! The dreaded leg day. The day most of us would be more than happy to make an excuse for and skip. Not me. Leg day is my favourite day! Our legs hold the largest muscle groups in our body and by building these muscles we can create a huge boost to […]

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Best 6 Exercises To Tone Your Butt

As a class instructor, I’ve always finished my classes with the saying “any questions please come and ask”. Sometimes I’d get great questions like “my knee hurts when I do such and such what can I do to strengthen it” or “when I run I get pain across my upper back and shoulders”. Now those […]

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Joe’s Finisher Circuits

With summer just round the corner and bikini season is almost upon us, it’s time to ramp up the training! The best way I’ve found to do that last is by using “finisher” circuits at the end of my usual sessions to fire up the metabolism and burn a few more calories. Finishers are also […]

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Ieuan’s Outdoor Workout

The following workout is great to set up outdoors and perfect for the spell of weather we have had over the past weekend. The workout is easy and all you need is an outdoor space you can run 20-30m shuttles and minimal equipment to provide resistance. The outdoor workout hits several areas of fitness, including […]

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Pre-Workouts, What Are They All About?

  There appears to be a big rise in the popularity of pre-workout powders, pills, and concoctions within the gym. You can walk into any gym and be blinded the luminescent glow of someone’s pre-workout-filled shaker. The question is though, “pre-workouts, what are they all about?” The luminous colour in itself would set alarms bells […]

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