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Emily’s Leg Workout

I’ve been pretty active over the years but I was never really sure what to do in the gym….did I train all body parts in one day? Should I split my training into an upper body workout and a leg workout? When should I do cardio, same day as weights? Different days? My training mostly […]

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When the Fodmap Vegan met the Buddha Bowl!

I currently follow so many fodmap and vegans on instagram, whose food is so beautifully presented, that I spend a lot of my time hungry! One thing I have noticed however, is that this delicious looking food is predominantly presented in a bowl. Aka a Buddha Bowl. I started to ask myself, is this what a Buddha Bowl […]

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What are the Fitness Trends for 2018?

Do any of your new years resolutions include fitness related goals? Are you looking for inspiration for something new and exciting to start in 2018? Then look no further! I have done the hard work for you (other than actually doing the exercise that is). I have searched the web to come up with a […]

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What My 2018 Currently Looks Like

I’ve probably said this before, but I don’t do new years resolutions. I’ve never seen the point of “waiting until Monday” or “starting in the new year”. Instead, I like to be totally organised – so for example I already have my holiday booked, I know what I’m doing for my birthday and I have an […]

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Carrot Cake Porridge

Holy moly, carrot cake porridge is my new, most favourite thing in the world right now! I’m waking up excited every morning, looking forward to breakfast. So good I wish I could also have it for lunch and dinner too.  Confession, I do often have oats for dinner and breakfast. I mix up the flavours […]

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Are You Drinking Enough?

Ok before I continue, let me clarify that the question “Are you drinking enough” refers to water and nothing else! And actually the theme of the blog came about because Alex and I were discussing a news article about a guy who had drowned from drinking too much water! But seriously, it does raise a […]

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Stress, Stressors and How To De-stress

Are you stressed? Does the word Christmas give you a headache and make your heart beat slightly faster? Are the kids driving you to breaking point, at the same time you’re trying to meet deadlines at work before finishing for a well deserved “break”. Running round trying to buy a gift for Aunt Sally who […]

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The Scoop On Gluten Free

GLUTEN FREE! Now I’ve got your attention, do you ‘do’ gluten free? Have you tried going gluten free before? Are you thinking about going gluten free? What are your reasons for going/trying/thinking about it? Have you been diagnosed with coeliac disease, did you think it would help you to lose weight, or did you just […]

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Jenny’s Top Workout Tunes

I never used to listen to music when I trained until I started using a turbo trainer (static bike training system) last year – these sessions are so tough that I need some good tunes blasting in my ears to distract me from the pouring sweat and burning in my thighs! As the Winter weather […]

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Interview with Ian Fisher, Yorkshire CCC Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach

Something a bit different for my blog. This week I had a chance to sit down with Ian Fisher, Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at Yorkshire County Cricket Club. I asked him a couple question, mostly exercise, fitness and health related – but also some fun ones in there as well. From a personal training […]

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My Vegan Christmas – Part 1

This blog may seem a little premature, but it’s the annual friend Christmas get together this weekend so I need to start planning! In the past I’ve blogged about Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Squash, Christmas Curry, Ratatouille Tarts, Shallots with Sherry and Sprout Pakoras (see the recipe links below). But this year it’s going to be […]

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8 Facts About Bones Them Bones Them Dry Bones!

“Them bones them bones them dry bones, Them bones them bones them dry bones, Them bones them bones them dry bones, Now shake them skeleton bones” I’m sure most of you will remember this song from your childhood! Well it got stuck in my head this weekend as I was tutoring about the skeletal system […]

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1 pot meal- Jambalaya Recipe

Following on from Alex’s winter warming lamb stew, I thought I’d bring you another tasty 1 pot meal; my spicy Jambalaya recipe! Unfortunately, this isn’t a vegetarian friendly dish as one of the basic staples in the recipe which gives it it’s flavour is smoked sausage, typically Andouille or chorizo. The jambalaya is a Louisiana […]

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Top 6 Tips To Staying Healthy When Eating Out

It’s that time of year isn’t it, the time when our diaries start filling up with invites to ‘Christmas dos’. You’ve worked hard all year, and you don’t want to undo all that hard work with lots of eating out and boozing. Here are motive8’s top 6 tips to staying healthy when eating out. Tip […]

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My Fodmap Journey So Far

If I was to write a diary on how my fodmap journey is going, it would literally read as: why am I not the size of my arm based on what I’m eating, if I see another bowl of aubergine stew I’m going to scream, I’m soooooooooo bored with my food, I JUST WANT HOUMOUS…….you […]

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