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Healthy Burger Recipes

It’s May, so hopefully that means Summer, and BBQ season, is on it’s way. So, we thought we would share some healthy burger recipes with you. To be honest, the following recipe can be adapted and used in many ways….you could … Continue reading

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45 minutes In The Gym!

What would be my favourite ‘go-to’ strength session…So you have 45 minutes, an empty gym (heaven I know…), music blasting, tones of motivation but no programme to follow – what do you do? If you are ever in this position or … Continue reading

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Food Prep With Louis

A Fool Proof Way To Lose Weight, Save Money AND Time. Whilst Being Full! This is your weekly dose of meal on a plate….except it’s in Tupperware boxes and multiple meals!! Don’t you just love food prep! I’ve played around … Continue reading

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Smash Your Food Prep, Smash Your Goals!

I know, I know, you’ve heard it before….but preparation is key if you want to see results! Personally, I sit down each Sunday and plan when I’m going to fit in my training sessions. I also enjoy sitting down with my … Continue reading

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Savoury Rhubarb Recipes

As my rhubarb plants start to take over the garden, I need to start planning what I’m going to do with it all! Last time I shared a recipe for a healthy rhubarb crumble, but it’s a new season so … Continue reading

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Get Your Heart Pumping More!

This week the Telegraph reported that the British Heart Foundation’s latest research illustrated that in some parts of the country, nearly half of adults are not meeting the official exercise guidelines recommended by the Government. These guidelines simply recommend that … Continue reading

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Ladies – Get Rid Of Those Bingo Wings!

Honestly if you Google “how to get rid of bingo wings”, it just lists all kinds of weird and wonderful arm “toning” workouts which range from 5 all important exercises to 20 minute blasts, 30 day challenges and surgery! None of … Continue reading

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Olympic Lifting Variations

Before we look at the Olympic lifting variations, I thought I’d give you a brief history of Olympic lifting. Olympic weightlifting has been included in the Olympics since the first Modern Olympics in 1896 and is now a permanent feature … Continue reading

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What is Matcha?

Sometimes I think I must be behind the times! Someone said to me the other day, “ooooo I got hold of some powdered matcha so I’m going to makes some matcha pudding” and I was like, oh that’s nice. I … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of a Personal Trainer – Part 1

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a personal trainer’s mind? Are our bodies really a temple? Do we eat cake on our birthdays? Are burpees really our favourite exercise? Do we always make healthy choices. Honestly, we are … Continue reading

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