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Winter Sweet Potato Stew

Snow and ice. Winter has fully descended on us this week. That can only mean one thing, stew and soup season yay! This is once again a vegetarian recipe but feel free to add in any meat you like for an extra protein kick. Did you know that 3 out of 5 of us at the […]

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Spiced Black Beans and Jackfruit

The jury is still out for me and Jackfruit. This plant is often used as a meat alternative and has sprung onto the scene this year. It kinda freaks me out that people often rave about it because of it’s meat-like texture; as a meat alternative that’s not what I’d personally want. I want something […]

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Ieuan’s Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Healthy Banana & Strawberry Ice Cream For those of you who have a nagging sweet tooth, this healthy banana ice cream recipe will get those taste-buds tingling. It is an extremely easy recipe and can make good use of those bananas before they start to turn and end up in landfill. Although summer is almost […]

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Alex’s Muscle Building Stir Fry

If there’s any single meal that’s gonna get you strong, help you build muscle and help you reach your fitness goals then this is it.  This ‘strong as an ox’ muscle building stir fry recipe is also jammed full of vitamins and minerals and key ingredients to boost your performance in the gym. So What’s […]

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Chia seed pudding

Last week we posted about breakfast ideas and one suggestion was chia seed pudding. Pudding for breakfast? Yes, you heard me right, pudding for breakfast. This is a super easy breakfast to prepare but can also serve as an actual pudding. Ingredients: Chia seeds Milk of choice Fruit of choice Sweetener of choice Additional flavours/spices […]

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Breakfast ideas

Let’s talk about breakfast. Not on whether you should or shouldn’t eat it (previous blog) but “what else can I eat besides eggs?”. A client recently posed this question, but perhaps I’m the wrong person to answer it as everyone knows my obsession with porridge. But I do love food and especially breakfast! So here I […]

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Vegetable Yaki Soba

A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon on a cooking class. Not that I’m a bad cook but I’m all up for new experiences.  I took the opportunity to learn a few knife skills and practice a dish I have never made before. Vegetable Yaki Soba was on the menu. I have never heard […]

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Coconut Peanut Curry

I went out for Thai food the other week and had Pad Thai noodles. After that all I had on my mind was the taste of them (they were amazing!). It’s the peanuts that do it for me. I had to curb my craving. Just eating peanut butter from the jar wasn’t exactly what I […]

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Miso-Grilled Aubergine

This year we’ve grown our own aubergines for the first time. It was exciting when we first saw glimpses of purple from the flowers! Then the aubergines started growing thin and long. Not the usual bulbous shape we’re all used too! They still taste like aubergines; they just look – different! Then whilst googling “aubergine […]

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Delicious Breakfast Cups

Ieuan’s Healthier Breakfast Cups Are you someone who loves a good, but naughty, cooked breakfast? Do you struggle to leave the bacon, eggs, and beans alone? Then these delicious breakfast cups allow you to semi-indulge whilst keeping it under control and healthier. These breakfast cups are also perfect for those who are on the go […]

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A Quick And Easy Muscle-Building Meal

I’ve got something a little different for you this week. I know we often talk about recipes for weight loss here at motive8, but today’s blog is all about gaining weight; specifically building muscle. I’m going to give you one of my all-time favourite muscle-building meals. It’s packed full of protein, super quick to make, […]

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Healthy Snack – Buddha Balls

I’m going for a bit of yoga theme this week; although buddha balls are bit of a tenuous link to yoga. Buddha, Buddhism and yoga all have their roots in India and my friend from the yoga studio gave me the recipe. All the same, these are a yummy healthy snack/treat that you can whip […]

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Lentil Hummus

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like hummus. Originating from Levant countries, the garlicky, chickpea dip is now common to UK diets. The word “hummus” actually means chickpeas in Arabic, the primary ingredient of course. Hummus is packed full of fibre, healthy fats and protein and a stable in vegan and vegetarian […]

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Homemade Salt & Pepper Chicken

Ieuan’s Homemade Salt & Pepper Chicken Are you a fan of that odd cheeky Chinese takeaway? Do you love the salt and peppery goodness that Salt and Pepper Chicken brings? Look no further for your own, homemade, healthier version. This recipe is really easy to prepare and make, and it tastes delicious. You can also […]

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Joe’s Body Building Porridge

A Simple Summer Twist We love porridge in this team!! With the weather as it is, it can be hard to stick to your usual food routine and eat something hot, especially when the heat is suppressing your appetite. The last thing I want to be eating is hot porridge in 20 degree heat! I […]

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