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Keep Your Body Ticking Over – Prehab & Recovery Gym Session

As most of you will know I am trying to go through Lent without having a ‘rest day’ – so some sort of training session every day. It’s going well, I have done about three weeks so far without missing a training session and by my maths I have about two and a bit weeks […]

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Barbell Endurance Workout

I’m participating in a number of endurance events this year. The swim22 for Diabetes starts in February (swim 22miles in 12 weeks), the Yorkshire 3 Peaks is in May and then I have a number of cycling events in the following months. As such, I need to crosstrain in an endurance way so that my […]

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All In One Workout

Coaching, movement and exercise is my job, but it is also my passion. My biggest philosophy is ‘what is the point of doing a movement if you’re not going to do it right’ – I really mean as close to perfect as possible. Relating everything back to science is also key in my session planning. […]

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Emily’s Leg Workout

I’ve been pretty active over the years but I was never really sure what to do in the gym….did I train all body parts in one day? Should I split my training into an upper body workout and a leg workout? When should I do cardio, same day as weights? Different days? My training mostly […]

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Outdoor HIIT Session

Christmas often means there are times our routines are disrupted, meaning you might not be able to make the gym as often as normal, BUT this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your workouts completely. I’m also aware that sometimes, you don’t have as much time as normal to fit in a workout so […]

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Interview with Ian Fisher, Yorkshire CCC Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach

Something a bit different for my blog. This week I had a chance to sit down with Ian Fisher, Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at Yorkshire County Cricket Club. I asked him a couple question, mostly exercise, fitness and health related – but also some fun ones in there as well. From a personal training […]

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Winter Warming Circuit Training Session

I joke around and always say – ‘self-praise is no praise’, however I just wrote the best circuit training session for class this evening! What The Benefits of Circuit Training? – High metabolic demanding, therefore it is great for fat burning. – Time efficient, people don’t always want to be in the gym for 60 […]

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The Squat – The How & Why!

The squat, whether a back squat, front squat, goblet squat is a fundamental movement pattern in 99% of peoples training programme, and if it isn’t it should be. Types of Squat – Back Squat – Front Squat – Goblet Squat – Single-leg Variations – Overhead Why Should You Squat? – Compound movement – targeting a […]

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New to the gym? A Beginner’s Gym Guide

I am trying to challenge myself and trying a couple of new things that are outside my comfort zone. One of these is Yoga, I have booked myself onto a block of sessions and will aim to go at least once a week. Hopefully I will be able to touch my toes sometime soon… As […]

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Lower Body and Core Workout

‘Leg day’, so many people dislike doing ‘leg day’ but I quite like hitting my lower body in the gym. Call me weird, but I quite like it when my legs ache the next day! So I thought I’d share a lower body and core workout with you. We’re going to work your leg exercises […]

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Top Health And Exercise Myths

In the last 5 years or so, social media has massively impacted the fitness industry, with so many ‘experts’ telling you what you should be doing. The problem is there are so many different opinions that its hard know what is complete rubbish and what is useful. What are health and exercise myths? And what […]

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Agility And Speed Workout

How Speed and Agility Applies To You I am sure everyone will have gathered that I attended a UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) Workshop this weekend down in London. It was about Plyometrics, Agility and Speed, some of you may not know what that means, some of you may like to know what it […]

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Total Body TRX Workout

We wrote a HIIT and TRX workout a few months ago. This time I thought I would share a Total Body TRX Workout with you. Many of my personal training clients are interested in fat loss or improving their muscle tone, so a total body approach is great for achieving these goals. For a good calorie […]

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Kettlebell Tri Set Workout

In the back of my car is a bright purple jumper which has a “Kettlebell Kate” logo printed on it – a brilliant gift from the Motive8 team. To be honest, I haven’t worn it for a while, or actually used kettlebells for that matter. So that was my inspiration for this workout. The rounds […]

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Dumbbell Complex Workouts

Last week Kate wrote a Wednesday workout which was a barbell complex workout. This week I am going stay on a similar theme but tweak it slightly. Barbells are great, possibly the piece of equipment I use most for my personal training clients. However, barbells can sometime seem a bit scary, heavy, one-dimensional, boring and bilateral. […]

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