Posted on December 27, 2017 by Jenny Cromack

Last week I posted an outdoor HIIT workout which is a great little workout especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. This week’s workout is also great if you short on time as you can complete the circuit as many, or as little number of times you can in the time you have available. Each circuit lasts 8 minutes. Ideally I’d recommend doing it three times if you have the time, including a warm up and cool down this would take around 30 minutes. Come on, you must have 30 minutes somewhere to do a workout!

As the last week or so may have been a week of indulgence for many, I’ve concentrated on a fat burning circuit.

I’ve gone old school with this fat burning circuit training session, and this is a workout you can do either indoors or outdoors with no kit. So what are you waiting for, get those trainers on, get your butt off the sofa and get working out.

Warm Up

Warm up for around 5 minutes, aiming to gradually increase your heart rate and breathing rate and get the blood pumping to your muscles. If you’re doing this workout outside then start your session with a brisk walk and then increase the intensity to a jog. Add some heel flicks, knees high and side steps. If you’re warming up inside try exercises such as marching on the spot, jogging on the spot, knees high, heels to the bum, star jumps, step ups, etc.

Fat Burning Circuit

Perform each exercise back to back 30-45 seconds each exercise, 15 seconds rest between each exercise. Repeat the circuit as many times as you can. Each circuit lasts around 8 minutes. You choose how long you want to do each exercise for depending on your fitness levels.

  1. Star Jumps – make these harder by touching the floor in between each one
  2. Press Ups – aim for as many full press ups as you can. Go for it!
  3. Squat Jumps  Рmake these harder by twisting in the air to face the opposite direction each time you jump
  4. Alternating Lunges
  5. Burpees
  6. Wide Squats
  7. Jab and hook on the spot or power lunges (if you want to work the legs harder!)
  8. Plank

You can make the wide squats and lunges harder by using a pair of dumbbells if you have some.

Remember to finish off with some stretches, especially those focusing on the lower body and chest. Hold each stretch for around 20-30 seconds.

This short but sweet fat burning circuit should help blow the cobwebs away between Christmas and New Year and keep your motivation levels up!

fat burning circuit