Posted on April 30, 2021 by Jenny Cromack

With the re-opening of the gym at Marshall Court we thought we would relaunch Member of the Month where we recognise our personal training clients and gym members for their awesome achievements. To be honest, all of our members are pretty awesome, but it’s nice to acknowledge the hard work someone puts in to achieving their goals.

So without further ado here’s a huge well done to this month’s member of the month – Lewis Stacey!

A good mix of personal training sessions with Kate and gym workouts are Lewis’ recipe for success. It was a unanimous decision for Lewis being member of the month, with the initial nomination coming from Emily who said ‘Lewis has done a great job at losing weight but also his training/biomechanics are brilliant’ he clearly does his homework which Kate sets him and his consistency in his training is also a key reason for achieving the results he has.

Here’s a little insight into Lewis’ training and what keeps him motivated :

Why did you start exercising ?

Roughly 2 years ago I had spinal surgery after a badly herniated lower disc. After being very active I went through some tough complications and long rehab. This return to exercise is for both my mental and physical health!

Are you training for anything particular at the moment?

So I’ve lost over 2 stone of lockdown chunk since last May, with a little more to go. I’m currently aiming for strength gains to improve my rock climbing. Pull-ups here we come…

Why do you enjoy training at motive8 and with Kate?

The gym and personal training sessions with Kate really helped me overcome my fears of exercising again with a surgically repaired spine. It’s a well-equipped gym, nicely social, and there’s lots of knowledge to help me improve.

Is Kate any good at counting?!

So one of the hidden benefits of Kate as a PT is every set of 10 actually becomes somewhere between 11-14 as I also forget to count. She always catches me when I try to lower the weight though!

If you had one piece of advice for someone looking to become fitter or someone new to exercise what would that be?

Approach your new routine with consistency and patience. As the cliché goes it’s a marathon not a sprint but you’ll soon notice the improvements that’ll keep you motivated.

Thanks Lewis, what an inspirational story. Keep up the good work!