Posted on February 27, 2019 by Kate Halsall

In this workout, I’ve combined one of my favourite ways to get the dreaded cardio done; with one of my favourite pieces of kit. Low and behold I give you kettlebell tabata! What I like about tabata is that it’s just 4 minutes of work. BOOM. What I like about kettlebells, is that you simply need 1 of them! It couldn’t be easier to get started – that’s not to say that the workout is easy though!

With tabata, I combine 2 exercises. It’s 20 seconds “on” – so full max effort; and a 10 second rest. You’d do exercise one, rest and then do exercise two, rest exercise one and so on. I’ve listed a number of rounds for you to chose from.

Round 1

  • KB Double Handed Swing
  • KB Squat & Press

Round 2

  • KB Reverse Lunge & Press – I like to do this same arm same leg. Just make sure you change arms and legs during the round!
  • KB Single Arm Swings – if you really want to focus on the arms, do one arm for 20 seconds and next time round change arms. Alternatively, you could do alternating swings.

Round 3

  • KB Single Arm Clean & Press
  • Burpees with a Press Up – well can’t all be JUST kettlebells can it!?!? You could do your press up with one hand on the kettlebell though to make it harder!

Round 4

  • KB Halo
  • KB Bent Over Single Arm Row


And that’s it! It’s got cardio, legs and glutes, chest and back. A full body workout in what could be just 16 mins! If you want another kettlebell workout to challenge yourself with, here’s a 15 minute kettlebell hiit workout.