Posted on February 13, 2018 by Emily Forbes

Shrove Tuesday. Traditionally, a religious day preceding Ash Wednesday which marks the start of Lent. The word shrove comes from the word “Shrive”  meaning to obtain absolution for one’s sins by way of confession. After people had repented and paid penance, they would use up all fattening food in the cupboards which were not permitted during this time of fast; typically butter, eggs and milk. These ingredients combined with flour give us pancakes! These days Shrove Tuesday is probably better known as Pancake Day. Whilst Pancake Day conjures up images of pancakes smoothered in unhealthy toppings you can still enjoy a pancake treat with this healthy protein pancake recipe.

In many other countries Shrove Tuesday is known as Mardi Gras and is marked with big festivals and carnivals. In France apparently Mardi Gras translates to “Fat Tuesday” (lol). The last thing you want to hear when you’re on a diet! Fear not, you can still have pancakes, be in a calorie deficit and get a protein hit at the same time.


  • Vanilla protein powder, 1 scoop = 30g (I used The protein works 360 whey)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 medium banana
  • Pinch of salt


  • Mash the banana in a bowl
  • Next add the protein powder, eggs and salt. Then whisk until a batter has formed
  • Heat a little oil in a pan and add scoop a or two of the mix
  • When little bubbles form on the top, flip over and cook the other side

It’s dead simple and quick. I often have these just for lunch or breakfast at anytime of the year!

  • Serves 1
  • Calories 353 (add 20g peanut butter for an extra 119 kcals)
  • Protein 35g, carbohydrates 32g & fat 10g (no peanut butter)
  • Protein 41g, carbohydrates 34g & fat 19g (with peanut butter)
  • You can use other flavoured protein powder if you like – chocolate tastes heavenly!

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