Posted on January 23, 2019 by Emily Forbes

“I like big butts and I cannot lie.” Glute training is all the new hype. Women of Instagram are seen flaunting tiny waists and bodacious curves. “Strong is the new skinny” they all quote. I think a few men are actually getting into training lower body too. To grow your glutes, weekly training should include big compound lifts like deadlifts, squats and hip thrusts. But with three muscles making up the glutes it is useful to train in high, medium and low rep ranges for maximum functionality, growth and strength. Here is a short resistance band glute workout to add in between your heavy glute sessions. Just your bodyweight and a resistance band required.

With the surge in glute training, you can now buy “glute resistance bands”. They are made of fabric and elastic and are very heavy duty. They won’t break on you as the normal rubber resistance band does. A bit more costly but will last much longer so are worth the investment.

Glute workout:

Perform 3 rounds of each superset. It should only take 15 minutes.

  • A1: Banded squat pulse x 30
  • A2: Banded seated hip abduction x 30
  • B1: Banded standing kickback x 20 each leg
  • B2: Deficit curtsy lunge x 10 each leg (no band)
  • C1: Sumo walk x 20 (10 forward, 10 back)
  • C2: Monster walk x 20 (10 right, 10 left)

The gluteus maximus muscle is the largest and strongest in the body. It is responsible for movement in the hip and thigh. It aids coming up from a seated position, climbing stairs and staying in an erect position. But many of us are suffering from weak glutes as we are just sitting down all day, which causes the muscle to lengthen and the hip flexors in front to shorten. This can lead to back or hip pain, poor posture and balance issues, not to mention a “saggy butt”. Strong glutes will help with other training like running too.

So start adding some glute focused workouts into your training, not just to look good but to benefit your wellbeing and functionality too. This workout should get the glutes firing up and these exercises can be used to wake up the muscles before starting big lifts too. For a great example of a big lifting glute workout, click here.

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