How To Stay Motivated To Exercise In Winter

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Posted on December 24, 2014 by Jenny Cromack

I’m not sure about you but I think we are not having it too bad weather wise this Winter. Yes it’s a bit wet and rainy but it’s not been too cold (yet). It’s this time of year when the horrible weather makes us want to stay inside an hibernate. Whether you’re someone who normally trains outside and the horrible weather makes you want to stay indoors, or whether you normally go to the gym but the dark nights make you want to scurry home after work instead this Winter that is NOT going to happen. Come on, hand across your chest and pledge your allegiance to the ‘I will stay motivated to exercise in Winter’ club!

Here are some tips for you to stay motivated to exercise in Winter:

1. If you’re a runner sign up for Park Run – this is an amazing way to stay motivated by meeting like minded people on a Saturday morning, come rain or shine and run 5k together.

2. Find an event to take part in January or February. Whether it’s a run, a cycle, booking a weekend away to get in shape for – give yourself some extrinsic motivation to train. I normally enter the Meltham 10k at the end of January as it means I stay focused on my training in December. Be warned it’s very hilly but it’s good fun!

3. Find a training buddy and commit to meeting each other 3 times per week to train. You can guarantee on the day you want to go home and curl up on the sofa your friend will be brimming with energy to train and you will keep each other motivated.

4. Find a new activity to do – there is nothing better than the new-found love of doing something to renew your enthusiasm and stay motivated to exercise in Winter. Maybe try climbing (Leeds Climbing Wall is good and indoors!) or start playing raquet sports at your local leisure centre.

5. Set yourself a new goal. I know that as personal trainers we talk about this all of the time, but there is a reason for this…..goal setting works! However, here is my challenge to you – think of a different goal to keep you motivated to exercise this winter. If your normal goals revolve around weight loss, then set yourself a target to achieve a PB in a lift in the gym or if you’re a runner whose goals normally revolve around running, set yourself a different goal maybe around your % body fat or doing something like a triathlon instead.

We hope these tips help keep you motivated to exercise in Winter.