The Benefits Of Having A Nutritional Consultation

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Posted on April 02, 2015 by Jenny Cromack

motive8 north offer a number of nutritional consultation packages to suit a number of needs. We want to offer individuals an opportunity to gain advice about how to improve their diet for their individual goal.

I strongly believe everyone reading this could benefit from a nutritional consultation. Whether you have made an effort to reduce the number of takeaways and ready meals you have in a month, or ensuring you eat breakfast, slight changes to make your diet healthier can really make the difference to not only the way you look but feel. It can work the other way even if you live a healthy lifestyle and consume good quality meat and fresh vegetables but consume a lot of bread, cereal or pasta (which many people think are good for you) you can significantly affect your fitness goals and the way you feel.

I would say no one has the perfect diet, even the most dedicated of people think they have it nailed but most often could do something to improve! And what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

A big barrier to getting your nutrition right is the amount of inaccurate information which you can read online and magazines….it gets confusing doesn’t it?! This is where we want to make a difference by giving people accurate information which they can base their decisions on. Our nutritional consultations and advice are based on 3 principles:

1) Research & Education

We recommend a very simple theory of clean eating focusing on natural and unprocessed foods, our guidelines and theories are supported by numerous research articles. We do not believe in fads or cutting corners, we believe in educating people so they are able to make sensible, long term lifestyle choices.

2) Realising Everyone Is An Individual

Our pre- consultation questionnaire and food diary allow us to gain enough information to analyse and ensure we can help give you advice to work towards your goal. Every single client we train is different in terms of their body composition, goals and lifestyle demands so all our advice needs to be tailored to that individual, for example a generic weight loss plan will not work for everyone, so we specialise in ensuring each individual gets all the guidance and support they need

3) Long Term Results

The results we achieve with our clients says it all. Our methods work! Although exercise and nutrition go hand in hand to maximise results, we realise exercise isn’t for everyone but why should you miss out on the knowledge and advice we have to offer!

So the answer is the benefits are endless! If you are wanting to feel better, look better and get the results you want then get in touch to have your free 15 minute phone consultation and talk about what we can do for you!