Posted on October 06, 2017 by Kate Halsall

what should you eat in October

I was left in shock and feeling like an absolute idiot on Wednesday this week when I asked for blueberries on my porridge. As they’re no longer in season, the shop didn’t have any – but they did have blackberries!

Who knew that other than pumpkin, other foods were in season this month! So if you were looking forward to a month of non-stop pumpkin, here’s a list of some other examples of what should you eat in October (and some of them may surprise you)!

  • Lettuce – yes you may think that winter is coming, but a number of different varieties of lettuce are still in season! Strangely so too are some types of tomatoes, radish and red peppers so keep getting those salads in!
  • Cranberry – no not just for Thanksgiving or Christmas, these are available NOW!
  • Root vegetables – we’re talking beetroot, parsnips, celeriac, fennel, turnip and so on….get your roasts and soups on!
  • Blackberries – ok ok so I’ve mentioned them already. But there’s also apples, dates and figs in season in October too.
  • Broccoli – as far as I’m concerned, this is the superfood of all food. It contains fibre, vitamins B6, B1, E, C & A, protein, calcium – why aren’t you eating more of it?!?!
  • Sprouts – YAY! Everyone loves sprouts don’t they?

…..and did I mention Pumpkin?!?

The benefits of eating seasonal food is that – depending on where you shop – your food will have less travel miles and in theory should be cheaper! Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list. But if this has got your taste buds going or you’re looking for more than simply fruit and veg – there are lists of seasonal meat and fish too! Use the links below to find out more:

If of course now you’re looking for yummy recipes in which to use some of the produce listed above……just check out our Tuesday blogs throughout the month!