Posted on November 22, 2017 by Jenny Cromack

I joke around and always say – ‘self-praise is no praise’, however I just wrote the best circuit training session for class this evening!

What The Benefits of Circuit Training?

– High metabolic demanding, therefore it is great for fat burning.

– Time efficient, people don’t always want to be in the gym for 60 minutes or longer. I respect you have Christmas shopping to get done!

– Variety of lifts and exercises, especially for our fitness classes here at motive8 we can take most of the equipment outside (and often do), so the whole body can be targeted.

– Motivating having other people around you.

At this time of year, it is important to keep people moving. In the summer time I may play around with more complex movements where I can spend time talking about technique and the science behind what we are doing. Thankfully, I realise people probably are more bothered about not letting their hands freeze off – so I try to LIMIT my rambling about technique. This particular circuit training session involves a 50/50 split between body weight high intensity interval type exercise and a dumbbell type circuit. Both are great ways to burn fat and get warm very quickly.


– A Space

– 2 Dumbbells (pick carefully)

– A mat if you are outside

How The Session Works

There are 2 circuits as a mentioned above, both will be completed to time. During the first set you will work for 60s and rest for 30s, working your way through each of the 8 exercises. Once you have completed the first circuit, move on to the second – it does not matter which circuit you do first.

You are now more than half way through the session, you have one more set to get through. For the second set change the ratio between working and resting, 45s on and 15s resting. Again complete both circuits…. You can repeat this two or three times, depending on how much time you have….Enjoy! You can’t beat a good circuit training session.

Circuit 1 (Dumbbell)

Squat (squat)

Bent-over DB Row (pull)

Reverse Lunge (uni-lateral squat)

DB Military Press (push)

SL RDL (hinge)

Supine DB Pullover (anti-extension)

Side Plank with DB abduction (anti-lateral flexion)

Plank (anti-extension)

Circuit 2 (BW – complete everything twice)

‘Mountain Climbers’