Posted on August 16, 2017 by Jenny Cromack

Right, I’m back with another wicked Wednesday workout, and this one is pretty intense so make sure you’re ready for it!

Its called the ladder workout because each round you complete, you take a step closer to the finish….like what I did there?!

short, sharp fitness blasts

Round 1 will be the 1st exercise followed by 30s rest, round 2 will be the 1st and 2nd exercise followed by 30s rest, round 3 is exercise 1, 2 and 3 and so on until you have completed round 13 rounds, with the final round consisting of all 13 exercises back to back… therefore completing the ladder!

The Ladder Workout!

• You can choose how long you want to spend on each exercise, depending on how hard you want to work and how long you have to workout. Why not choose:

– Tabata style (20s work followed by 10s rest) to keep the exercise intense and to increase heart rate.

– 30s hard intensity, 15s rest

– 60s (for those of you who really want a challenge!), 20-30s rest

• The 13 different body weight exercises are as follows:

1. Squats
2. Mountain climbers
3. Squat thrusts
4. High knees
5. Plank
6. Heel touches
7. Lunges
8. Shoulder taps
9. Toe touches
10. Burpees
11. Squat hold
12. Press ups
13. Bear crawl hold

In total this workout should hit every part of the body and be finished within the hour.

All the best and let me know how you get on.