5 Training Tip for the Leeds Abbey Dash

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Posted on August 27, 2014 by Jenny Cromack

I know that if you are running the Leeds Abbey Dash this year that the 16th November seems like it is ages away but believe me it’s not….in fact (depending on when you’re reading this) it’s only 10 weeks away. BUT, the good news this is a great length of time to get in tip-top condition to run a 10k.

Watch this space for our 8 week running plan but in the meantime here are our top 5 tips to training for a 10k. These tips are not meant to be rocket science but are often simple things which are overlooked by many runners, simple things which could make a difference to your performance in training and on the big day!

1. Stay Hydrated

I wrote a blog about this not so long ago (remember those days when it was sunny?). Make sure, whatever time of day you run, you are hydrated. Being dehydrated by as little as 2% can have a negative effect on your performance and at 5% dehydration you can affect your performance by up to 30%…..this is a pretty scary statistic! It’s probably a little easier to be adequately hydrated if you are running later in the day so if you’re running first thing in the morning make sure you take some fluid with you. Regardless of what time I run I always try to ensure I have consumed at least 1 litre of water before I set off, more if I’m running for over an hour.

2. Do NOT Skip Your Strength Sessions

This is a mistake made by many runners….and is a recipe for disaster and will lead to injury! Many runners think because they run their legs are strong….WRONG! To strengthen your legs you need to do strength work, I believe you should incorporate at least 20 minutes of strength training 2-3 times per week into your weekly schedule.

3. And Stretch…..

In addition to skipping their strength training many people overlook their stretching and flexibility work leading to muscle tightness and risk of injury. Ensure you spend time at the end of each run stretching and using a foam roller, I am a huge fan of the foam roller and definitely have less niggles since I started using one. I also have a sports massage every fortnight to loosen everything up.

4. Run at Different Paces

How many runners do you know who go out and always run at the same pace? Do they ever get faster? Probably not! Your training plan needs to consist of a variety of runs performed at different paces to develop different elements. Include interval training, tempo runs and fartlek training to work on improving your pace.

5. It’s All In The Mind!

I will say this time and time again, running is not only very physical but it is also very psychological. If you set off on a run saying ‘ I can’t be bothered today’ or ‘I’m not in the mood, I feel tired’ then I can probably guarantee you will have a bad run. Start each run with a clear idea of what pace you should be running at and also in a positive frame of mind that you can complete the pace and distance you need to be doing. Do this and you will have a great run! Surely coming back from a run where you feel like you have achieved something is better than coming back¬†kicking yourself that you could have done better.

We hope these tips get you thinking about what you need to do to prepare for the Abbey Dash. We will have more blogs as the event gets nearer to keep you motivated and in shape.

If you’re reading this and thinking there is no way I can run 10k then don’t be so daft, the Abbey Dash is a great run for all levels of experience and the atmosphere is amazing….great if this is your first 10k!

If you fancy joining the motive8 Abbey Dash running club on a Thursday evening at the Saxton Fitness Studio please contact Kate for more details.