Expert Help To Ease Your Niggles & Aches

Sports Massage

Our resident Sports Massage Therapist Kate offers sports massage at the motive8 Saxton Fitness studio.

Whether you are in need of a sports massage to loosen you up, keep you injury free, or you need a sports therapy treatment to alleviate any injury the sports massage team can help. Our sports therapy treatments and sports massages are based on providing bespoke treatments to the individual based on their injury and exercise background.

Our treatments can focus on injury prevention, reduction in muscle stiffness and soreness, improved range of movement and helping you recover from your favourite sports or gym sessions as quickly as possible. If you are already injured we focus on safe and effective rehabilitation, so you can get back to training as quickly as possible.

45 minute sessions start from £40.50, call 0113 243 0161 to book. (price based on a block of 10)

Fit To Move – Biomechanics Assessment

Fit To Move is our unique Biomechanics Assessment programme delivered by Biomechanics Coach, Kate Halsall. Designed to identify biomechanical deficiencies, Fit To Move is a full biomechanics screen with a breakdown of any areas of dysfunction and optimum function. We then provide a series of corrective exercises and a complimentary rescreen to ensure the exercises provided are working. Our aim is to get your body into a state of optimal performance!

If you answer YES to any of the following then the Fit To Move Package is just what you need!

  • Have your maximal lifts plateaued?
  • Do you want to run, cycle or swim faster or further?
  • Are you returning to fitness?
  • Is your training performance hit or miss or unpredictable?
  • Do you feel stiff, are concerned about your posture or have problems with flexibility?
  • Are you concerned about recurring niggles?

Fit To Move Biomechanics Assessment – £50.00

I train four times a week and often find that little niggles can develop meaning that I occasionally need sports massage treatment as well as advice on how to prevent these niggles from becoming more troublesome.

I’ve been seeing Kate for a couple of years. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she’s also great at diagnosing whatever it is that I’m having problems with. As well as treating the problem she explains everything clearly and always gives me rehab exercises to follow to make sure that I keep on top of any issues and prevent them from getting worse. All in all, she’s helping me to keep my body functioning as well as it can do so I can keep on top of my training programme.

Ruby Briggs, motive8 Personal Training Client