Get Into The Shape Of Your Life For Your Big Day

Personal training can be a fantastic way for brides and grooms to prepare physically and mentally for their big day.

Whether it is to reduce the stress of wedding planning, boost your stamina and energy levels ready for a day/night of endless celebrations, dancing, and mingling; or work towards looking and feeling your best on your wedding day – we can support you! This is the one day in your life where all eyes will be on you and you want to look and feel great!

We have also found that it can also be a great opportunity for couples to connect and support each other – by working out together, you can motivate and encourage one another, fostering a stronger relationship as you prepare for your wedding and beyond.

Your training sessions are bespoke to your training goals and as personal trainers, we provide training programmes and nutritional support to maximise the benefits of your training and get the results you want.

Many of the brides we train often train together with their groom-to-be or with their bridesmaids, this is a great way to split the cost of personal training whilst still having the expertise and motivation you need from a personal trainer in your build up to your special day!

If the brides-to-be and their bridesmaids want toned arms, shapely legs and a flat stomach to look stunning in their dresses or on honeymoon, we can help you achieve this! If the grooms and groom’s men want to tone their waist lines and look dapper in their suits, we’ll be more than happy to assist you on your journey.

Our Do It In 12 Programme is perfect for brides and grooms to achieve their dream wedding physique and more! We guarantee results in 12 weeks, what more could you ask for? For more information about our Do It In 12 package click here.


I started training with Jenny to help me get in shape and look great for my wedding day. I train with Jenny on a weekly basis and then follow a programme which she has set when I work out in the gym by myself.

I genuinely don’t think I could have got to where I have without Jenny’s motivation and guidance – in fact I know I couldn’t! It wasn’t through lack of trying before, it was perhaps through lack of understanding about the correct exercises to do and also maybe a lack of focus and motivation!

I really enjoy the weekly sessions with Jenny, especially the boxing aspect of the workouts, but don’t get me wrong as much as the sessions are enjoyable it has been hard work along the way too!! But the results speak for themselves and I felt really happy walking down the aisle in my wedding dress!

Kate Harrison, motive8 Personal Training Client