Optimise Your Results With 1:1 Coaching

Personal training can achieve amazing results, with the team providing support not just on exercise and nutrition but also on other lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress, but sometimes we also need to get a deeper understanding of why someone might not be achieving their goals and this is where Optimise Coaching comes in.

Most of us know what we  “should” be doing but find it difficult to actually do it; this is where coaching can help to unravel YOUR why and YOUR how. Coaching can dig deeper into what is holding you back from reaching your potential. You might be surprised at what you discover. It might not be the diet that is holding you back but a limiting belief or story that you keep telling yourself. With coaching you have a someone to guide you into the things you cannot yet see, after all, you do not know what you do not know. If you feel like you have tried everything in the book, but nothing has worked it is time for something new.  

What Is Optimise Coaching? 

  • Coaching understands that you, the client, is the expert and that you have the answers that you need to unlock your own potential.  
  • A partnership and co-created relationship between coach and client. The coach acts a guide and support to help you towards change and discovery. 
  • Coaching is a process of understanding your how’s and whys.
  • Coaching meets you where you are at now and helps you move towards where you want to be. 
  • A process of uncovering and moving forward. 

What Are the Benefits? 

  • Self-discovery on limitations and beliefs.
  • Empowerment and self-efficacy.
  • Understanding your how and why.
  • Accountability and committed actions towards goals.
  • Creating healthier habits.
  • Individualised to YOU and YOUR needs and circumstance. 

What Coaching Is Not… 

  • It is not someone to tell you what to do but someone to help you discover your own needs and capabilities. 
  • Therapy or counselling. Sometimes conversation will go into past feelings, but it is about how to move forward from that and not to stay there. 

How Does Optimise Coaching Work? 

  • The Optimise Coaching programme is 12 weeks. Sessions are 1hr long, performed online and held at a mutually convenient time. We will usually meet at weekly intervals, but this can be flexible depending on work/holiday schedule and sometimes integration time. We co-create the agreements for your end goal and every week will take steps to focusing on that. The coaching process is fluid and adaptable, always meeting you where you are at on the day and focusing on the most important thing which can help you to take a step towards change.
  • You can sign up for our Optimise Coaching package, or you can sign up for the Optimise Coaching Plus package which combines Optimise Coaching and our successful Do It In 12 Programme to maximise your results.  

Why 12 Weeks? 

  • Lasting change takes time. The longer time allows us to build trust and safety within the relationship which in turn will help to work deeper on what is holding you back. 
  • The success rate from our Do It In 12 package is phenomenal when looking at creating habits and routine.
  • Sometimes, it will take longer than 12 weeks, but this can be reviewed after our initial time together. You may uncover your potential in less than this time but there is always something a new goal and something we can go deeper on.  

When I first got in touch with motive8, the brief was ‘help me be Fit and Fifty, not Fat & Fifty!’.

Without the effort and help from the team at motive8, it just wouldn’t have been possible for me to achieve the results I have. In time for my big ‘FIVE-0′ birthday, I lost over 4 stone and a total of 74 inches, dropping my body fat from 39% to 24.5%.

8 years later I’m still training with motive8, I’ve maintained my weight and dress size and the weekly sessions with Jenny help to keep me on track to staying healthy and in great shape!

Ruby Briggs, motive8 Personal Training Client