What Our Clients Have To Say


Don’t just take our word for it!

At motive8, we take immense pride in the incredible progress our clients have achieved on their fitness journeys.

Allow their stories to ignite your motivation and discover the transformative power of our personalised training programmes.

Get ready to be inspired by real people, real results, and a community of individuals who have taken charge of their health and achieved remarkable fitness milestones.

Take a read of what our personal training clients think about training with us!

Samantha Barnard

I started training with motive8 in 2012 after seeing some photos from a family party..they were the motivation I needed. They helped me to understand how to make the right choices with my food and very importantly how to achieve my goals. The weight started to come off and the difference I could feel in my clothes was motivating. I started training 3-4 times a week including a run at the weekend. If you’d have asked me a year prior to that whether I was into exercise I would have laughed in your face!

Jenny & her team are all very knowledgeable, their advice is tailored to your and they are constantly encouraging you to achieve your goals.

I’m now 3 stone lighter than I was and have stayed that way for 18 months now… I’m still on my journey but know with the help of the Motive8 team I’ll get there!

Simon Singleton

When I first started training with motive8 I wanted to lose ‘a few kilos’ and get fitter. With the help of the personal training team at motive8, that ‘few kilos’ has since turned into an amazing 12 kilos, dropping from 91kg to 79kg and I can now easily run 5k. Making improvements to my diet has been an important factor, cutting out bread and sugar (well almost!) and dare I say it, water beats tea and beer! Getting compliments (to quote…’what are they, abs?!’) from my friends and family has been great and really encouraging to keep me going.

Lynette Clapham

If someone had told me a year ago that I would be in a size 12 I would have laughed at them! With my 30th birthday rapidly approaching and my career beginning to take off; I didn’t want to be known as the ‘fat teacher’. Being a large size 18, I was lazy, rarely slept through a whole night and always seemed to be thirsty – I knew I needed to make some big changes!! To date, I have lost around 3 stone and 55 inches. I have maintained my dress size at a size 12 for over a year now and I feel brilliant!

I joined the gym at motive8 over 3 years ago and I wanted to say thank you to Jenny and the rest of her team for all the help they have given me in those 3 years. I started off going just to the gym, but now have a monthly personal training session to keep me on track.

Being part of the gym has changed me for the better, both physically and mentally, and if it wasn’t for the support you guys give (which I think is fairly unique to motive8) I don’t think I would still be training now. Thank you!

Susanne Stalford, motive8 Personal Training Client & Gym Member