Keep In Shape During & After Your Pregnancy

Gone are the days when it is recommended for pregnant ladies not to exercise, in fact it is actively encouraged. Research and anecdotal evidence find that ladies who have exercised during their pregnancies have an easier labour and find it easier to get back into shape following their pregnancy. We encourage all of our clients to continue to exercise throughout their pregnancies provided it does not harm them or the baby.

Both Jenny & Kate are pre and post natal qualified and offer pre and post natal exercise advice. We have helped many of our clients keep fit and active throughout their pregnancies and get back into shape after the birth of their baby.

The key to staying safe during your pregnancy is to listen to your body, keep an eye on your exercise intensity, stay hydrated and don’t do any new exercises or activities which you have never done before.

As with all personal training sessions, our pre and post natal personal training sessions are tailored to each individual’s goals, but with an added emphasis on training the pelvic floor muscles and core to keep the abdominal wall strong. The intensities of your sessions are closely monitored you still feel like you have had a good workout without putting your baby at risk. Personalised programmes are also provided to take the guess work out of what you should and shouldn’t do and make sure you are working out effectively.

If you haven’t exercised before your pregnancy then you are safe to start exercising during your pregnancy but we would recommend to gain advice from a qualified personal trainer about what you should be doing.

Post pregnancy we advise all clients to get the ‘all clear’ from their health visitor or GP before training again, but depending on the nature of the birth most of clients are able to exercise again within 6-8 weeks of giving birth. Again, intensity is monitored so we can gradually progress the training programme in order for each client to achieve their goals. There is no reason why anyone should not be able to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape, or beyond, provided they are willing to work hard and commit to performing their own training plans outside of their sessions.

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Despite having a full membership at one of the larger health clubs, I’ve been going regularly to Motive8 classes for the past 18 months. They are fun, personable, challenging and I always come away feeling like I’ve had a good work-out. They helped me lose valuable pounds for my wedding and now I am pregnant I’m having specially adapted group training sessions, which allow me to carry on working out safely whilst still feeling like I’ve had a great workout!

Lucy Oxley, motive8 Class Member