1:1 & Group Personal Training in Leeds

Regardless of your exercise experience, working with a personal trainer can seem pretty daunting. Put your worries to one side and let us show you how you can achieve your goals. At motive8 we believe our job as personal trainers, is not only to motivate you, but to educate you so your new healthy habits become part of your lifestyle for the long term. We’re not into quick fixes, we want to show you how to make your healthy lifestyle become part of your everyday life.

All of our sessions are tailored towards you, your goals, your lifestyle. We understand that personal training is not only a financial investment, but also an investment of your time and we want you to get the best results from this investment. That’s why we only employ highly qualified, knowledgeable, inspirational personal trainers to work with you. Our expert personal training team include Nutritionists & Weight Loss Specialists, Biomechanics Coaches, Sports Science Graduates, Sports Therapists and Yoga Instructors.

Whatever your goal, we can help you to achieve it. We have great success with a wide variety of clients. Whether you want to run your first 5k, do a triathlon, lose weight or drop a dress size or two or simply become more healthy and active we can help.

Whether you choose 1:1 personal training, group personal training  or online training your journey starts with an initial consultation so we can discuss your individual needs and how we are going to achieve your goals. Tailored, personalised workouts, lifestyle and nutritional support all come as standard.

During your first training session we perform a series of movement screens to make sure you are moving efficiently and help us to address any imbalances. We perform a health assessment based on your goals, set short term and long term goals and review these every 6 weeks to make sure you’re making the right progress towards your long term goals.

Even if you’re not in a training session, we’re always at the end of a phone to support you. Feel like you can’t be bothered to have a workout, then pick up the phone, and we’ll give you some motivational words of wisdom to get you there!

If you’re looking for results but need the support and advice from the experts then give the personal training team a call or drop us a line to book your complimentary consultation.

When I first got in touch with motive8, the brief was ‘help me be Fit and Fifty, not Fat & Fifty!’.

Without the effort and help from the team at motive8, it just wouldn’t have been possible for me to achieve the results I have. In time for my big ‘FIVE-0′ birthday, I lost over 4 stone and a total of 74 inches, dropping my body fat from 39% to 24.5%.

8 years later I’m still training with motive8, I’ve maintained my weight and dress size and the weekly sessions with Jenny help to keep me on track to staying healthy and in great shape!

Ruby Briggs, motive8 Personal Training Client