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JENNY CROMACK – DirectorJenny2


1st Class BA (Hons) Physical Education,

National Qualification in Personal Training (Dublin),

National Qualification in Exercise and Health Studies (Dublin),

National Qualification in Pre and Post Natal Exercise (Dublin),

motive8 Running Conditioning & Biomechanics,

Premier Training Kettlebell Training Workshop,

Certificate in Suspension Training Systems

Why did you start working in the fitness industry? My brother used to call me thunder thighs (for those of you who are old enough, sung to the Thunder Cats theme tune!) when I was younger as I was a bit bigger than what I am now. It prompted me to start running and go to the gym and I loved it…. I knew I wanted to work in a job where I helped other people get into shape!

What areas do you specialise in? Weight Loss/Improving Body Composition, Pre & Post Natal Fitness (I love training pregnant ladies!), Running and Triathlons.

What is your greatest piece of advice for someone wanting to achieve their goals? If you have an ‘off-day’ don’t fall off the wagon completely. Get back into your routine straight away. One ‘off day’ probably won’t upset your progress, but many ‘off days’ will! And why is Monday is magical….all days contribute to your success.

What is your greatest achievement with a client? All achievements are great but I love getting my pregnant clients back into shape after they have given birth. I also love seeing the smile on a client’s face when they pass the finish line of their first 5k or 10k…..absolutely priceless! Finally, I would say the biggest achievement for many of my clients isn’t losing weight but it’s keeping it off and maintaining healthy eating and exercise as part of their every day life….this can often be the hardest for some and many of our clients have nailed this!

What do you love about your job? Everything! The smile on people’s faces when they hit their targets and also the look of satisfaction on a client’s face at the end of a session. Sometimes they might turn up to a personal training session not in the mood to exercise but feel AMAZING at the end!

What do you do to keep in shape yourself? I love to run, anything from 10k to marathons and enjoy weights too. I’ve started doing triathlons this year as a new challenge.

Have you always been sporty? Yep, I used to be into any team sport going when growing up! You’d always find me kicking a ball around instead of playing with a Barbie!

What do you like? Dislike?– I love running, avocado’s (love them!) and eating out (it’s a common topic of conversation with clients!). Dislike….it’s got to be celery (the devils food).

Personal Trainer - Jenny Cromack

CHRIS BAIRD – Master Trainer
personal trainer chris baird


Bsc (Hons) Sports Science,

CYQ Personal Trainers Award,

UKSCA Speed & Agility,

UKSCA Olympic Weight Lifting,

UKSCA Programming Qualification.

About to embark on a Masters in Strength & Conditioning in September 2015.

Why did you start working in the fitness industry? I’ve played sport all my life, if there wasn’t a job training people I wouldn’t have ben born.

What areas do you specialise in? Strength & Conditioning, Body Composition Training and just helping everyday people get fit.

What is your greatest piece of advice for someone wanting to achieve their goals? Hire a personal trainer with proven success, look at their testimonials online and see what they have achieved with other people.

What is your greatest achievement with a client? Taking a client from overweight office worker to Bikini Competitior in UKBFF

What do you love about your job? The awesome variety of individuals I get to work with!

What do you do to keep in shape yourself? I love resistance training, there is something very honest about a barbell.

Have you always been sporty? Since the dawn of time, I’ve run, swam and played team sports

What do you like? Dislike?– I love hill walking, Game of Thrones and a good steak in town. I’m not a massive fan of “smart motorways”!

personal trainer Chris Baird

KATE HALSALL – Personal Trainerpersonal trainer Kate Halsall


Imove Freely,

Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain (QCF),

Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise Instructor,

Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral (QCF),

motive8 Running Conditioning & Biomechanics,

Lifetime Award in Adapting Exercise for Ante and Postnatal Level 3,

CYQ Advanced Fitness Instructor Level 3 & Personal Trainer,

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Nutrition and Health,

Kettlebell Training,

Core Stability & Stability Ball.

Why did you start working in the fitness industry? Two reasons – my favourite class in the whole world was removed from a timetable due to maternity leave. I needed to teach it to keep doing it! Secondly, I was in the gym before and after work, it just seemed a natural progression.

What areas do you specialise in? Posture and programmes to help prevent lower back pain – I’m particularly interested in prehab. Wouldn’t it be great if we could spot something which just needs a little tweak and it could prevent injury?

What is your greatest piece of advice for someone wanting to achieve their goals? Give it a try – what’s the worst that could happen?

What do you like about your job? Anything you dislike? I do my hobby for my living and as such it’s the most rewarding “job” I could ever want  – what’s not to like other than occasionally it would be nice to have a lie in!

What is your greatest achievement with a client? All achievements are great, regardless of how big or small – we can never underestimate the blood, sweat and tears which go into any achievement.

What do you do to keep in shape yourself? I teach 17 fitness classes a week! I also run and swim.

Have you always been sporty? Not really, other than PE at school, I only started being interested in exercise at University where I first took part in fitness classes and from there I was hooked!

What do you like? Eating out and fitness weekends!

Dislike? Other peoples’ clicking joints!


ALEX CARRIE- Personal Trainer



Bsc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

Level 2 Strength and Conditioning

Level 3 Personal Training

Level 2 Sport Specific Coach (Cricket, Tennis and Basketball)

Why did you start working in the fitness industry? I always wanted to be a sports person when I was younger (cricket, football, tennis), obviously, this never happened. I could never see myself doing a ‘normal job’ so for me training clients to reach their sport, exercise or health goals is perfect.

What areas do you specialise in? 

Strength & Conditioning – Strength, speed, agility and endurance.

Sport specific strength training

Muscle hypertrophy

Fat loss and functional health training

What is your greatest piece of advice for someone wanting to achieve their goals? Make changes that you know can be maintain for years, not just weeks.

What is your greatest achievement with a client? A client has gone from never setting foot in a gym before, to now being able to deadlift and squat (with perfect form) her BW. Whilst losing body fat and weight, and just only one month (5 sessions).

What do you love about your job? No session is ever the same, plus I am constantly learning on the job.

What do you do to keep in shape yourself? I train week times a week, 3 resistance sessions, 2 intervals running sessions and a long run over the weekend.

Have you always been sporty? YES!! Playing, watching, listening, talking…literally anything sport related and you can have me rambling on for days.

What do you like? Sport (as you have gathered), spending time back in Scarborough with friends and family taking our Golden-retriever Django for a walk on the beach.



IEUAN CRANSWICK – Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist

motive8 North personal trainer, Ieuan


1st Class BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science,

MSc Sports Therapy, Nutrition Advisor Diploma,

Member of Society of Sports Therapists

Currently studying a PhD.

Why did you start working as Personal Trainer? I enjoy health and fitness myself, but have a passion for using what I know and learn to help others achieve their goals. It is rewarding seeing physical and mental changes in clients and playing a personal part in their achievements.

What areas do you specialise in? I have a huge interest in both sports specific strength and conditioning and corrective exercise. Helping individuals prepare for competition or improving injury/postural issues.

What’s your greatest piece of advice for someone wanting to achieve their goals? My piece of advice for someone wanting achieving their goals is to persevere and don’t give up. Every long journey starts with one small step, so don’t rush and enjoy the trip! Work hard to overcome any setbacks, the easy route is always the least exciting.

What is your greatest achievement with a client? My greatest achievement with a client is taking them from literally despising running, to running 10K, and continuing to run 3 times a week, and currently training for a triathlon. In the process they reduced their dress size by 3 sizes.

What do you love about your job? Anything you don’t like? The thing I love about my job is working with different people, with different goals every day and being part of their journey. The one thing I dislike about the job is the stigma of being less academic, that is often given to PT’s or those who engage in sport related professions or qualifications.

What do you do to keep in shape? My fitness routine includes weights sessions, circuit training, and running. When I have time I also get involved in Rugby fitness training, as I like to keep involved after my retirement.

Have you always been sporty? Yes ever since I could walk! Throughout my school and adult life I have competed in a range of sports. I threw Javelin for my school in the Leeds Schools Competition, I have played Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Gaelic Football, Golf, and Gymnastics just to name a few.

What do you like? Reading, Socialising with friends and family, Action and Horror  films, Mexican Food. Dislike? Disloyalty, Fantasy Films, Having nothing to do (like to be busy), Spiders!

Personal Trainer Ieuan Cranswick

EMILY FORBES – Personal Trainer

personal trainer Emily Forbes


1st Class BSc (Hons) Nutrition,

Premier Training Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training,

Premier Training Kettlebell and Circuits,

Current studies MAC nutrition (MNU)

Why did you start working in the fitness industry? Ultimately I just want to help people. I know how a good diet and exercise makes me feel and I want to pass this on to others. My main passion is nutrition but this goes hand in hand with fitness and you can’t have one without the other.

What areas do you specialise in? I’m quite new to the industry and have yet to find my niche. I just want to do it all!!!

What is your greatest piece of advice for someone wanting to achieve their goals? Consistency is the key; it is better to work-out 3 times a week, 52 weeks of the year than 7 days a week, 4 weeks of the year.

What is your greatest achievement with a client? Again, as I’m new to the industry this has yet to be determined, but to date I have trained one who was barely able to do a push up against a wall to 5 full push ups

What do you love about your job? Not many people can say they get excited to go to work, but I do. It’s social, active and you’re helping people reach their goals and improve themselves and it’s a constant learning process for me.

What do you do to keep in shape yourself? Weights, circuits, swimming and yoga.

Have you always been sporty? I’d say no. I grew up in South Africa. We lived on a mountain and had a pool in our half acre garden, we were very active but I never played sport at school. I’ve always been a member of a gym as an adult. I guess I started training consistently when I worked for the military in my mid twenties.

What do you like? Dislike? If it involves food, I’m happy. Dislike parking tickets and paying for parking.

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