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3 Tips For Maximising Your Results In Minimum Time

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been insanely busy at least once in our lives. Maybe you’ve been given some extra responsibility at work or perhaps your home life needs more of your time. Instead of letting all your hard-earned fitness go to waste, what you need is a simple way of how to maximise your […]

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The Perfect Leg Workout

They’re often a neglected body part, mainly because training them is hard and sweaty work. But if you’re after a great looking, strong and athletic body, then leg training should be a weekly staple. To help you with that, here’s one of my personal favourite leg workouts, and it’s ridiculously effective for building strength and […]

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Simple Sun Salutation

The 3 day yoga blog extravaganza continues. First “What is yoga“, followed by “Buddha Balls” and now “how to perform a simple sun salutation”. I mentioned in the “What is yoga” blog that you can learn a sequence so that you can practise yoga where ever you go; sun salutations are just that. There are […]

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What Is Yoga?

Did I tell you I do yoga (lol)? For those of you who attend the studio regularly you’ll know that it is “my thing”. That and of course now my new love, the van (another story)! I am currently training to be a yoga teacher and will graduate in June next year but I am […]

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Meet Motive8’s New Personal Trainer – Alex!

We’re excited to introduce you to the newest addition to the Motive8 team: Alex Parry. He’s just set our Monthly Challenge for August and if you haven’t already, you’ll be sure to meet him in the gym and classes. As he’s only just started as one of our Personal Trainers, we’re keen to learn a […]

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Two Fat Burning Circuits

I do love a good circuit. Whether it’s to teach in a class, to go through with a client, or to do in my own time; there’s something to be said about the quick fat burning blast you can get from this style of training. The possibilities are endless: limited rest between exercises, a mixture […]

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motive8 Member of The Month August – Abi Bolton

Drum roll please…….our member of the month for July goes to Emily’s personal training client, Abigail Bolton. We asked PT Emily why she had nominated Abi, and here’s what she said….. Abi came to me wanting to lose weight for her wedding. We started in January and had until September. After starting with me, Abi had a […]

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High Intensity Abs Workout

The unusually long UK heatwave sees no signs of abating yet  (I’m not complaining). But this does mean restless nights leave people tired. There is an overall sense of lethargy and it can be just too hot to train. Let’s not use the weather as excuse not to get a workout done (too typically British). […]

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30 Minutes To Building Bigger Arms

Building bigger arms is one of the most common goals among male gym goers, alongside broader shoulders. Most people slog through hours upon hours of endless curls and tricep extensions only to be met by diminishing returns due to over-training or not taking the right approach with their training. Building bigger arms doesn’t have to […]

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5 Minute Body Weight HIIT

Anyone who has read any of my previous workout blogs, will know by now that I like a quick short blast of good hard work! This week’s workout is exactly that. 5 whole minutes. But it’s a 5 minute body weight HIIT that gets everything working. It’s ideal for when you’re short of time; want […]

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Top Tips to Prepping for your First Competition

Top Tips to Prepping for your First Competition I have recently decided to enter my first body building competition. With only 16 weeks to prepare, I have to ensure I am using my time efficiently. I’m currently 3 weeks in and seeing significant changes already. This blog will discuss the top tips I’ve used to […]

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Golf Workout – Getting Golf Strong

Ieuan’s Getting Golf Strong Workout Recently I have found my new pastime; golf. With rugby out of my sporting life, I needed something to focus my energy on and golf has become that. It is not the rough, tough, and ready that rugby was, but it still requires a great deal of strength, flexibility, and […]

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So You Wanna Learn To Handstand?

So you wanna learn to handstand? You’ve seen the Instagram posts of everyone balancing on their hands. You could do it when you were 10 years old. And now you fancy doing it again. How hard can it be right (cue, much harder than you remember)? If it is something you are serious about, then […]

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Total Warrior 2018

Total Warrior 2018 A year on and once again motive8 North and BTRS teamed up to take on the 12 kilometers and 30 obstacles that stood in the way of them and Total Warrior 2018 glory. Thirteen motivated individuals threw their hats in and battled through the beaming Summer sun. It was the perfect setting […]

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Real “Core” Training

Real “Core” Training! Are you training your “core” properly? Do you know the importance of a strong core? Not sure? Well look no further because this article will overview the real job of our trunk muscles, common training mistakes, and real core training. A great set of abdominals and a strong toned looking stomach is […]

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