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Ieuan’s New Training Perspective – Keeping Your Training Fresh

Prior to Christmas I was feeling a lull in my motivation to train and get my backside to the gym. I was becoming tired of constantly going through the same motions, the same exercises, the same set and rep protocols, and generally knowing what was coming from the rigmarole that was my training. My rapidly […]

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As many of you are well aware I am very into my yoga.  So much so, that I am currently undertaking my yoga teacher training qualification. It will 18 months before I’m qualified but hopefully this means I’ll be more than prepared when the time eventually comes. I have just completed my second weekend training, so technically I have less than 18 months to go.

I had my first yoga class when I was 13, (21 years ago! Where does the time go?). I went with my two sisters and some of their friends. The lady taking the class was a teacher at school and we used the ballet studio. Her name was Miss Jaabeck (South African name). She was about 60 years old, she wore dance tights and a leotard and could headstand and put her legs behind her head (isn’t it funny the things you remember?). And I was in total awe of her. At that time for me, it was very much about trying to get the poses or asanas as their known in traditional Sanskrit.

My practice then jumps from there to my early 20’s. Attending a local studio in Suffolk where I was living. The classes were mostly Hatha style (slow practice, focusing more on single postures), I did yoga then mostly for fitness and flexibility. I dipped in and out of classes and practice over the years until I went to Australia 2012-2014. There I discovered the joy of power vinyasa yoga (strong practice, flowing sequence, movement and breath). This was the game changer!

In a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius, with 50 other yogis, I sweated like I’ve never sweated before. I wobbled and fell but kept going back for more. Yoga became more than just postures and flexibility.  A meditative state can be achieved through movement and breath. It got me centred, focused, relaxed, less anxious, grounded and the list goes on. I wanted to pursue my teacher training after I realised all the benefits yoga can bring and I wanted to share that with others. I had planned to do a different course after being in Australia but it never worked out. My practice slipped a bit after travelling and being at uni but I kept finding that everything I needed and wanted kept getting drawn back to yoga. I made a promise to myself that I will finally follow this path and I’m doing it.

I’m not sure who wrote it but there is a great quote which says “if you can breathe, you can do yoga”. Now I know I’m biased but I think everyone could benefit from having a little yoga in their life. Maybe it is just for flexibility or fitness, or perhaps for stress or some inner peace. There are so many styles out there too. Like me, you just have to find the one that meets your needs.

Happy yoga-ing. Namaste

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Resistance Band Training

I saw a post on social media recently, asking what are the equipment essentials in a personal training studio or as a home personal trainer? This got me thinking, what would be my one piece of training kit I would take everywhere. Dumbbells are great, but a bit bulky to take everywhere, and generally you […]

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Protein Pancake Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday. Traditionally, a religious day preceding Ash Wednesday which marks the start of Lent. The word shrove comes from the word “Shrive”  meaning to obtain absolution for one’s sins by way of confession. After people had repented and paid penance, they would use up all fattening food in the cupboards which were not permitted during […]

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My Do It In 12 Journey

The testimonials and the photos speak for themselves when it comes to the Do It In 12 personal training programme. If we’ve had such a great success and we know that the package works; why would a personal trainer do it? To experience the challenge of course! Do It In 12 is not easy. We ask our personal training clients […]

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Lunchtime 30 Minute Workouts

One of the traps I think people fall into is worrying that if they workout they must do an hour. Well, all I can say is codswallop! If you know what you’re doing and are prepared to work hard then I believe you can still get amazing results in 30 minutes, so I’m going to share not […]

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Bulletproof Your Running

Running Injury Management Having recently attended an extremely valuable talk on running injury, the following article to ‘bulletproof your running’ provides my reflections and the useful concepts that were shared. The talk was given by a very knowledgeable, experienced, and research driven guy called Peter Francis, who is based at Leeds Beckett and heads up […]

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Hydration and Weight loss

Following on from Kate’s “Are you drinking enough” blog. I wanted to expand on the current research relating to hydration. I am currently doing further studies in nutrition which is completely evidence based, and I found some of the recent content quite interesting. So for this blog I wanted to look at hydration and weight […]

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Barbell Endurance Workout

I’m participating in a number of endurance events this year. The swim22 for Diabetes starts in February (swim 22miles in 12 weeks), the Yorkshire 3 Peaks is in May and then I have a number of cycling events in the following months. As such, I need to crosstrain in an endurance way so that my […]

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How Was Your Veganuary?

  According to the Vegan Food and Living website, 2018 had a record number of sign ups for Veganuary. In fact, approximately 150,000 people in the UK signed up this year. Whether you were one of these people or not, it’s obvious that veganuary is becoming more popular. As a vegan, I’m a little biased on the subject. So […]

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Ieuan’s Prawn Gumbo Recipe

Ieuan’s Prawn Gumbo!   This Prawn Gumbo recipe is perfect for the cold nights/lunches that we are about to put behind us. If you are the type of person that likes nice easy meals and preparing multiple meals, then this Prawn Gumbo is perfect as it is a one-stop-pot that will serve up many delicious […]

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2-in-1 High Intensity Workout

Following on from Alex’s all-in-one workout I’ve given you a cheeky little 2-in-1 workout to try, so focuses on mainly HIIT and core. It’s a high intensity workout for AMRAP (as many rounds as possible-not intervals). There are two 15 minute circuits. You can perform both as a 30 minute session leaving a 3 to 5 […]

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Lentil and Coconut Soup Recipe

  I promise that this Lentil and Coconut Soup tastes better than this picture makes it look! There are times in an evening where you’d like something uncomplicated but tasty to eat – and this is it! Therefore this Lentil and Coconut Soup has become a staple in our household. Not only does it take […]

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