Personal Training – What Is Do It In 12?

Do it in 12 is our guaranteed results personal training package. It’s tailor made to you, your goals and your commitments and lifestyle. Many of our previous Do It In 12 clients have used this 12 week programme as a catalyst to a healthier lifestyle, becoming more active or getting in shape for a particular […]

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What is Tapering and why do we do it?

Let’s start by looking at the definition of tapering. Verb: Diminish or reduce in thickness towards the end. Noun: A gradual narrowing. Whether ‘taper’ is described as a verb or a noun, the fact is that it means ‘reduction happens towards the end.’ It won’t surprise you then that tapering in sports involves decreasing training in […]

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Running, cycling, rowing and more! What’s the choice for you?

So, you’ve decided to get your gym shoes on, put your headphones in and are getting in the zone! But suddenly you stop in your tracks. “What am I actually going to do?” You think to yourself, “I’m motivated to do some cardio, but what will be best for me? What should I do?” Well […]

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Glute Workout for Runners

Your gluteus maximus is the largest, most powerful muscle to work against gravity. It is the main muscle responsible for keeping our torso upright in an erect position. It’s the chief muscle that aids in walking up stairs. Not only is the gluteus maximus involved in high-power and speed sports such as running, it’s also […]

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Workout for Shot Put

Explosive Power. Technique. Balance. Timing.  Those are the four attributes that – when perfected – demonstrates the perfect shot put! But nobody is born with the ability to produce the perfect shot put because nobody is born with those four attributes. They’re not passed down through genetics, they’re enhanced through workouts and training; perfected with […]

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Workout of the week- Core Burn

Here we are again, another workout for the week. Its been decent weather recently (a bit nippy at times). Hot enough to burn calories just standing there on certain days. So we are going to bring continuance of the burn with this workout – a core burn! This is a time trial workout. The faster, […]

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Metabolisms – What is fact and what is fiction?

Metabolism is the technical term for the process by which your body converts food into energy. However, this seemingly innocuous process is the root of much frustration, anger and resentment in the fitness world. People who struggle with losing weight will complain of too slow a metabolism and the frustration of gaining weight by even […]

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And it’s the tale of the take; the story of the titans; the moment of truth, this is MOTIVE8 GAMES!

When it’s the 21st September 2022, its National Fitness day! A day we acknowledge and challenge our own fitness – Nationally. A day we get to compete and meet new people. A day we have fun, get fit and enter into the spirit of friendly competition.

This is a free to attend event so feel free to bring family, friends, kids, pets and your pride. The games are in mixed teams of 4. The list of games is/but not limited to:

  • Tyre flips in a minute
  • Egg on spoon
  • Pilates ball shot put
  • Sprint relay
  • Obstacle course
  • Keg hold

Whilst these games are just meant as a little bit of fun, here are some little insights into the events to help you train for them!

Tyre flips are a very similar movement to deadlifts and our tyre weighs in at around 75kg.

Egg on spoon is all about balance and hand-eye coordination.

Pilates ball shot put uses a 2kg pilates ball which is thrown the furthest possible distance with one arm.

Sprint relay is a team sport and usually where we see the competitiveness really show! You need to have explosive power to be quick off the mark!

The obstacle course won’t actually be designed until the time; but all round functional fitness is key – think rowing, speed ladders, battle ropes!

If you fancy a bit of fitness fun, get that team together and come and take part. Can your team win the trophy?

1 year ago

Motive8 are taking part in Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity’s ‘North Yorkshire Coastal Ramble ‘– a 21.5 mile walk from Scarborough to Whitby on the 10th September. From coast to coast, beach to beach, views to views, sand to sand…….Ladies and Gentleman… Let’s get ready to RAMBLE!

Once you’ve signed up and have committed to the walk, it’s important that you get yourself conditioned in preparation for the distance. I have some exercise tips that will prepare the correct muscles for withstanding the upcoming intensive walk. After all, a 21.5 mile walk is no simple walk in the park!


Core is important for long distance walking as our hip muscles will be forced into overdrive. Make sure to mobilise and work the intricate muscles to give you that stability:

  • High knees
  • Hip twists
  • Russian twists
  • Ankle reaches

These exercises are to be done without weight and with maximum range of movement.


The hamstring and calf muscles are the most important for walking long distances at a reasonable pace, therefore, the hamstring and calf is where we focus. They will be the first to fatigue, so the right conditioning is imperative.

  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Calf Raises
  • Tibialis Raise
  • Sumo Squats

Again, these can be performed without weights, so can be done anywhere!

If you want to include these exercise into more of a workout, we have a me kettlebell workout specifically designed for walkers here and a workout designed to improve hill walking strength here.

In addition, our advice is to not exercise intensely 5 days before the walk. Participating with existing muscle soreness or fatigue increases the chances of injury and decreases performance. So be prepared but also listen to your body.

And there you have it – two key areas to focus on as you prepare for the walk, and two workouts for extra fitness fun! Get some practice walks in as well so that you’re really ready. We’ll see you in Scarborough!

1 year ago

Here at motive8 we recognise the importance for runners to cross train. With this in mind, motive8 will be delivering an 8 week programme specifically aimed at runners. The bonus is that it is timed perfectly to get people ready for the Abbey Dash! This programme is not here to make you run (you’ll have 10K of running on race day) it’s here to prepare your body for the best run of it’s life – so it’s open to any runners out there.

As such we will be:

  1. Developing muscles in the areas most needed!
  2. Focusing on muscular endurance to help withstand fatigue during the race!
  3. Burning as much fat as possible to give you the best start to the race as you’ll be in your best shape!
  4. Mobilising and stretching muscles for injury prevention!
  5. Getting mentally prepared for the Dash!

There will be a number of blogs with workouts and advice on the run up to the 10k, but of you want that information now – you have to sign up & attend the 8 week programme!

I do however, have a few useful words for you…….

  • Carry water as if it’s your phone or house keys.
  • Avoid over-training so that you don’t injure yourself
  • Motive8 each other (see what I did there!). We’re a team and all of us completing it is better than one finishing first.

We hope to be doing a few pre & post Dash massages at the gym to help prepare & loosen the muscles. So watch this space!

1 year ago
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Pump your Arms!

Excuse me! Coming through…. Nothing to see here other than the guy with the best arms imaginable. But I’m not just walking by to show off my guns, I’m here to share knowledge and exercises of how to pump your arms effectively with maximum efficiency! From experience, with “arms” the goals are usually different depending […]

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HIIT the Heart & Core

Right! I’m back with another one. To hit the heart and core, and to answer the most frequently asked question from people who want to lose their “belly”… Question – How do I see my abs? Answer – Exercise your heart and lungs to burn body fat by using cv machines or HIIT exercises. Any […]

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Gaining Muscle Mass – Top tips and tricks

Many people who go to the gym do so because they either want to lose weight, primarily in the form of body fat, and/or because they want to put more muscle onto their frame. Losing weight attracts a lot of focus because it is definitely the most popular goal among gym goers, however putting on […]

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