Posted on December 30, 2022 by Jenny Cromack

Do it in 12 is our guaranteed results personal training package. It’s tailor made to you, your goals and your commitments and lifestyle. Many of our previous Do It In 12 clients have used this 12 week programme as a catalyst to a healthier lifestyle, becoming more active or getting in shape for a particular event such as a birthday, wedding or completing a sporting event.
When we first created Do it in 12 over 8 years ago, the fitness industry and the reasons people exercised were for very different reasons. Many people exercised to be a certain weight, be a particular dress size and so our ‘transformation’ package was born.
Do it in 12 is still our transformation package but transformation for other reasons:

  • Becoming more active…..transforming someone to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. We’ve seen clients come to us as complete couch potatoes, living on ready meals who now exercise on a regular basis three times per week and take pride in cooking healthy food.
  • Wanting to be stronger….many of our Do It In 12 clients have never stepped foot in a gym, let alone lifted weights. Do It In 12 can help you become not only stronger, but also more confident in going to the gym and using something other than the cross trainer.
  • Having more energy to do day to things without feeling out of breath or having to have a ‘nanna nap’ in the afternoon. Do It In 12 revitalises and energises our clients. It gives them a new lease of life!

How Can Do It In 12 Help You?`

  • Gives focus to achieving your goals, goals which are achievable
  • Creates long lasting habits which will last a lifetime
  • Accountability and commitment to your personal trainer
  • Support and education from your personal trainer to motivate you to stick to your programme

How Does Do It In 12 Work?

Before starting your sessions we’ll perform a complimentary consultation where we both agree what your goals will be at the end of the 12 weeks and what it will take for you to get there.
Our team of personal trainers have a huge amount of experience in knowing exactly what is needed for a client to reach their goals. We’ll chat about how much exercise you need to do and the best kind of exercise you need to do to achieve your goals, any nutritional support you need and discuss strategies about how we’ll keep you on track over the coming 12 weeks. All of the time this is designed with the mindset that we want these new found habits to become long term habits.
Most importantly we’ll always make sure that what we agree is realistic and fits in with your lifestyle.  

How much exercise do I need to do? 

Your Do It In 12 journey starts with two personal training sessions per week.
As part of your goal setting session we will agree how many other training sessions you need to do to achieve your goals. Most of the time we recommend starting with a minimum of 3 sessions per week.

We’ll provide a training plan for you to follow outside of your sessions which is tailored to you, this will be updated every 4 weeks.

Do you provide food plans?

We used to provide food plans for Do It In 12, but we found this wasn’t the best way to achieve results, clients found it too restrictive. Instead, we ask you to complete food diaries on a weekly basis and we use this as an educational tool to guide you about the correct nutritional choices based around the correct macros and calorie intake to achieve your goals.

What other support do you provide?

Your trainer will be in touch on a regular basis throughout the week to see how you are getting on and see what support and motivation you need. We may give you targets about how many steps you need to perform on a daily basis, how much water you need to drink or simply about getting to bed earlier so you get sufficient sleep to be energised for the day ahead.

How Do You Guarantee Results?

At the start of your Do It In 12 journey we will perform an assessment which is specific to your goals. We’ll keep assessing your progress every 2-4 weeks to make sure you’re on track and whether we need to tweak our approach.

Additionally, we’re so confident that our experienced team know what they are doing that if you 100% stick to what you’re trainer has advised and you don’t achieve your results then we’ll give you two weeks of free personal training!

Wondering if Do It In 12 is for you and what you could achieve? Read more about it here and make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to find out what some of our amazing clients have achieved. If you would like to book your free consultation then give us a call on 0113 243 0161 or email [email protected], we’d love to help.