Posted on January 29, 2018 by Jenny Cromack

training goals

Don’t worry this isn’t another blog about New Years resolutions. Although, on that topic, my reading is coming along beautiful – I am too chapters away from finishing my first book. ‘Black Box Thinking’, written by Matthew Syed. It’s an enjoyable read – a couple of clients have given me some more books to get stuck into next!

People often ask me, ‘why do you train?’ and ‘what are your training goals?’… sometimes I struggle to answer that question. Quite honestly, I train because it is part of my life, I genuinely love training, lifting and running – I just factor it into to my weekly/daily plans without even thinking. In the past I have had vague reasons, such as be strong and physically ready for a cricket game and the long season. Also, I have had slight vanity reasons for training – I want to look good and still enjoy myself and have a good social life. Apart from those two, very vague goals, I never really had a reason for training I just did it.

Until now…

My Goals – Medium/Long Term

1. Be consistently under 78kg

Yes – you shouldn’t get obsessed with anthropometrics and numbers, especially weight on its own. However, I am so consistent with my food and my training I know if my weight is under 78kg then I am in ‘ok knick’ and I don’t need to worry about body fat percentages. At this weight I am by no means in position to enter a physique competition anytime soon – but I am happy with how I look and like I said I can maintain that weight whilst enjoying myself and catching up with friends on a regular basis.

2. Perfect technical model for the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch – 21/4/18.

I have booked on for my UKSCA accreditation assessment for mid-April, part of the assessment means I need to talk through and perfectly demonstrate either the Clean and Jerk or the Snatch – either way I need to do a lot drills and Olympic lifting deviations until I am 110% confident in both lifts. I am restarting yoga to help with my movement deficiencies. This time I am using Emily as my personal yoga instructor – we will see how that ends up…Good luck Em!

3. Stay injury free – Ongoing.

In the past I have done 3 strength sessions a week and 3 running sessions, I think this too much for my joints at my knees and hips. For this reason, I am going to do 2 ‘off-feet’ conditioning sessions a week. This way I hope protect my knees, ankles and hips so I can keep healthy and enjoy my running for as long as possible. Hopefully the Yoga will also help with this goal, increasing my flexibility which has been linked to decrease risk of injury.

4. Increase my aerobic fitness – 25/6/18.

I am going to be testing, the Yo-Yo test, in the next couple of weeks (please feel free to join me) and will be retesting in June. Hopefully my training programme, both strength and conditioning sessions, will do the trick to increase my aerobic capacity. I guess only time will tell…