Posted on March 20, 2018 by Emily Forbes

So hopefully that is all the snow done for this winter and we can start taking our workouts outside. I’ve just tested this Body Weight Pyramid Workout outside in the glorious sun and it was delightful! Best of all it’s a body weight session so no equipment required. You’ll add exercises each set to build your “pyramid”. You can finish once you get to the top or go again working your way down the other side of the pyramid. Just put on your trainers and head to the park (or any outdoor space).

The workout

  • Measure and mark out 20 metres. Doesn’t need to be accurate, 20 paces will do.
  • Perform 10 reps of the first exercise followed by 2 shuttle runs (there and back).
  • Then do 10 reps of the first exercise plus 10 reps of the second exercise. Followed by 2 shuttles.
  • Keep adding 10 reps of each exercise followed by 2 shuttles until you’ve performed all the exercises (10 in total).
  • It’ll take about 20 minutes if you just do it one way.
  • If you want a longer session, comeback down the pyramid starting with all 10 exercises, taking one off after the shuttle runs.
  • To make it harder, you can add in extra shuttle runs.
  • To make it easier, add a short rest after the shuttles.
  • This can also be done with a partner. One partner runs while the other does the exercises.

The exercises

  1. Squats
  2. Crunches
  3. Forward lunges (10 in total; harder- 10 on each leg)
  4. Glute bridges
  5. Press ups
  6. Plank jacks
  7. Back extensions
  8. Star jumps
  9. Burpees
  10. Hand walkouts

This body weight pyramid workout is a nice full body, fat burning workout. All performed with no equipment to meet your level of fitness. For more more fitness and healthy eating ideas check out more blogs here.