Posted on December 20, 2017 by Jenny Cromack

Christmas often means there are times our routines are disrupted, meaning you might not be able to make the gym as often as normal, BUT this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your workouts completely. I’m also aware that sometimes, you don’t have as much time as normal to fit in a workout so this outdoor HIIT session is perfect (provided the weather stays kind!) as you can do it anywhere without any kit.

Two check points…….quick workout….tick! No equipment, easy to do anywhere……tick! So what are you waiting for, let’s get this outdoor HIIT session done! All you need is an area about 20m long (can be longer if you want to push yourself a little more), the local park would be perfect!

One of the other reasons I LOVE this outdoor HIIT session is because anyone can do it, it’s a great workout to get all of the family or friends involved in. Make it fun, give each other daft forfeits for things whilst you’re doing it….burpees always go down well!

outdoor family workout

Warm Up

For your warm up I would suggest walking or jogging to the area you are going to use to perform the workout. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden big enough to do this in then go for a brisk walk or jog for around 5-10 minutes to get the heart rate up, as you are walking/jogging add in some arm circles, knees high, heels to bum. If you’re doing this as a group, a game of ‘tag’ is one of the best warm-ups around!


The HIIT part of the workout is always sprints, I would suggest:

Beginners – 2 x 20m shuttles

Intermediate – 3-4 x 20m shuttles

Advanced – 5-6 x 20m shuttles

For the best results work as hard as you can on the HIIT sections, really push that pace!

Once you have completed the shuttles you will then perform a conditioning exercise (see below) , rest for 20seconds then go back to shuttles again…, here’s how it looks.

  • Shuttles (number as per above) – Alternating Lunges x 20 – Repeat x 2
  • Shuttles (number as per above) – Press Ups x 15 – Repeat x 2
  • Shuttles (number as per above) – Squats x 15-20 – Repeat x 2
  • Shuttles (number as per above) – Ab Crunches x 15- Repeat x 2
  • Shuttles (number as per above) – Single Lunges x 12 e/leg – Repeat x 2
  • Shuttles (number as per above) – Close Grip Press Ups x 10-15 – Repeat x 2
  • Shuttles (number as per above) – Plank x 30-60s – Repeat x 2
  • Shuttles (number as per above) – Wide (Sumo) Squats x 20 – Repeat x 2

Cool Down

Have a leisurely walk back to the house and feel smug that you’ve smashed another awesome workout

outdoor cool down