Posted on May 11, 2017 by Jenny Cromack

training advice

Summer is coming and things are hotting up already here at motive8. As you may be aware we have started our Race For Fitness campaign, with eight teams competing and only one will win! There is a great buzz in and around the studio, everyone is getting mega competitive with their fitness testing. So here is my training advice for improving all of the tests.

What are the tests?

– Wall sit
– Press-ups
– Plank
– Yo-Yo

What do the tests test?

When selecting any tests for any client or athlete it is important to know why you are using the test. The tests we have selected for race for fitness are designed to measure every aspect of someone physical fitness and function ability.
Wall sit – Lower body muscular endurance / capacity.
Press-ups – Upper body muscular endurance / capacity.
Plank – Trunk endurance / capacity.
Yo-Yo – Aerobic capacity.

How do I Improve my test scores?

To give people a head start I thought I’d give people a little extra help, when comes to specifying your training to improve your scores on each of these tests. First rule: Do not mix your training goals in one training session, it is very rare two separate goals will allow two identical training sessions. For example, you aren’t going to be doing the same exercises to improve your press-ups as you are to improve your wall sit.

Wall sit – Wall sit is effectively an isometric squat, so it will come as no surprise that squatting and leg work is the way forward to improve your wall-sit time. Predominantly I would advise a high rep range, somewhere between 12-16 reps per set. Back, Front, Goblet or Split squatting will all be beneficial. Time under tension is a big factor, have a play around with ‘pause’ squats, a 2 second hold either at the bottom of middle of the range of movement can make a squat much harder.

Press-ups – A press up is a horizontal push movement pattern, it focuses on the chest and triceps muscle groups. Training the chest can be done in a variety of different ways. Get creative with your push training, exercises like single arm pressing, band resisted barbell pressing and slight variation in incline or decline are just a couple of factors you can alter.

Plank – My favourite area of the body to training, not just to get a ripped 6 pack (although that is a pleasant bonus), but functionally, having a strong and stable trunk is possibly the most crucial part of your body. Check out my blog on trunk exercises to see some of my favourite and most effective…

Yo-Yo – Simple. Interval training and strength training (just because it is a cardiovascular test don’t be fooled to think strength training isn’t important, it has a massive part to play). As far as interval go, maximal aerobic speed training (MAS) is the gold standard training type. Here is my blog going into detail about setting up a MAS training session, great to do in your RFF teams.