Posted on June 20, 2019 by Jenny Cromack

Non-specific lower back pain is one of the most common injuries both in and out of the gym. And what causes it? The truth is, sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause. Imbalances between muscles, varying tenseness or laxity in certain groups are just a few examples. But they can be rectified to provide an easy source of pain relief. If in doubt about your lower back always seek the advice of a professional. They will help you proceed with your rehab to reduce the risk of exacerbating the underlying problem. Here are my top tips for a healthier lower back.

Tip 1 – Booty Work

  • Booty work- the gluteus maximus is the primary muscle that allows us stand erect; one of the main differences between us and apes. Excessive time spent sat down such as driving and working at a desk can cause weakness in the glutes as they become under-used and over-stretched/lengthened. Hip thrusts and glute bridges should help build the buns back to their original form.

Tip 2 – Core

  • Core – there’s more than just the “6 pack” to the core. Lesser worked muscles such as the transverse abdominis play a major part in lower back health. Exercise that involves controlled breathing whilst maintaining tension in the core such as yoga and pilates are great for targeting this!

Tip 3 – Stretching

  • Stretching- just as the glutes get weaker and lengthened by prolonged sitting; the hip flexors (or iliopsoas for you anatomy nerds) get tighter and can contribute towards an anterior pelvic tilt. This is a common cause of pain as it causes the vertebrae to excessively extend which may pinch the spinal discs, especially if one is already suffering from a disc bulge.

Not only are myself and Kate massage therapists, but we also have experience dealing with lower back pain. Feel free to come and speak to us. We’ve also previously produced this great blog with specific exercises to help the lower back.

Hope this helps,