What Are The Benefits Of Group Personal Training

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Posted on February 25, 2015 by Jenny Cromack

Last week I wrote a blog about how you could afford personal training, some of you may have read it thinking……”yeah, all good ideas but seriously I’m not going to give up going out once a week just so I can afford a personal trainer”. I would question this and say what price do you put on your health, but, I’m not here to argue that point, what I am going to talk more about is group personal training. For anyone who serious about improving their health, fitness or physique without having to splash too much then you should seriously consider group personal training!

Group Personal Training

Since we opened our first personal training studio in Leeds nearly 4 years ago we have seen a rise in group personal training, and here is why:

1. You split the cost with a friend. A normal 1:1 personal training session with motive8 North costs between £40-£45 per hour. A buddy personal training session costs £55 for you both….so only £27.50 each! Up to four people costs £60….so only £15.00 each! Go back to the coffee and cake scenario…..cut out the daily latte and muffin, and not only will you save pounds and pence, you’ll lose pounds on the scales!

2. Split the cost, twice the fun, share the pain! Now, I’m not saying that training on a 1:1 basis is boring, but you should hear the laughter and banter going on when we have group personal training sessions in swing. Not only that you can have a good old moan about the pain and sweat together!

3. Double the fun, twice the motivation! We all know that many people hire a personal trainer to keep them motivated, but training with someone else will also keep you motivated not only in your sessions, but outside of your sessions as you compare notes about your training and don’t want to let each other down. You know what it’s like, there will be times when you don’t want to train, but your friend texts to see how your training is going and that motivates you to get to the gym. Likewise, there will be days when you’re the one full of energy motivating your demotivated friend to get off their butt and out for a run!

4. Group personal training boosts self esteem and confidence. Research shows that group personal training improves self esteem and confidence. Imagine this, you’re working out in the gym by yourself….your gym plan asks you to do something you’ve never done before….you’re a little nervous, not confident you can do it, so you don’t! You walk away and tell yourself you can’t do it! But training in a group and seeing other people achieve things reinforces that what you may think is impossible is actually possible, so you give it a go, and hey presto, you can do it!! Increasing your confidence and self-esteem! We knew exercise wasn’t just about looking good….but feeling good too!

5. All the benefits of 1:1 personal training. At motive8 North, just because you’re not doing 1:1 training doesn’t mean we skimp on the service we provide. You will still get your own bespoke programme, nutritional plan and lots of support and guidance from your personal trainer.

So, if you’re interested in booking a group personal training session after reading this blog then drop one of the motive North personal training team a line. What are you waiting for…call your friends, ask your partner, enrol a work colleague or just grab a random stranger off the street….whatever you do, sign up today! Our 3 for 2 Introduction to personal training offer also applies to group personal training.