Posted on April 25, 2017 by Jenny Cromack

A Fool Proof Way To Lose Weight, Save Money AND Time. Whilst Being Full!

This is your weekly dose of meal on a plate….except it’s in Tupperware boxes and multiple meals!! Don’t you just love food prep!

I’ve played around with the idea of meal prep for a while but like most it seemed like a lot of effort, pretty complicated and wasn’t going to change much. But how wrong I was!
Across a period of over 8 weeks I lost over 8kgs in fat and managed to gain inches on my arms, legs, chest while losing on my lower abdominals and waist. Sounds perfect right?

What if I told you that this actually saved me time from this as well? Awesome! I hear you cry!

So here’s what I did! Well it was actually pretty simple to be honest. On a Sunday and Wednesday I prepped for 10 meals and it took around an hour each time (saving me at least 3 hours in the long run). I’d usually have 3 of these meals throughout the day leaving me with breakfast and maybe another meal and 1-2 snacks to organise that day. I regularly use eggs, fish and soya mince to vary the sources of protein.

For this, I had 10 portions of high protein foods which were predominantly meat based and offering around 30g of protein per serving. This would be accompanied by 3 portions of different vegetables per serving adding huge amounts of fibre and a variety of vitamins and minerals while not really adding a huge amount of calories.

All of these foods were steamed and then seasoned individually so that no combination was the same, and also were between 250-300kcal a serving.

Example Food Prep

Vegetables (all frozen for convenience and due to having higher vitamin and mineral content compared to fresh)
– 1kg of frozen broccoli (10 servings of 100g)
– 1kg of frozen green beans (10 servings of 100g)
– 300g of frozen mixed peppers (10 servings of 30g)
Protein sources (some leaner cuts were used to reduce calories)
– 375g of turkey breast slices (3 servings of 125g)
– 750g of pork shoulder steaks (5 servings of 150g)
– 300g of diced beef (2 servings of 150g)
– Garlic and rosemary
– Lemon and herb
– Piri piri mix
– BBQ mix

resulting in this!

food prep

Give this food prep a try and let me know how you get on and would love to hear if you have any more meal prep ideas!