Posted on January 08, 2019 by Kate Halsall

If you are like me and love the taste of Chinese food, then January can be a tough month to resist that urge to grab the takeaway menu; especially when you’re trying to get rid of the winter belly. Instead of caving I decided to attempt my own Chinese dish to try and recreate those heavenly flavours. Most, if not all, of the ingredients involved can be found in your local supermarket. Most supermarkets have an oriental section where you’ll find all the extra ingredients that you might not have lying around. So here’s my recipe for homemade egg fried rice.


Egg fried rice
75g rice per person
2-3 eggs
1-2tbls sesame oil


1. Cook the rice completely and then drain and leave to cool, this can be done during the day to ensure there’s no moisture in the rice.
2. Whisk the eggs with the sesame oil, salt and peppers till they are all mixed in.
3. Heat the pan or wok to a high heat, add a splash of oil then add the rice. Keep stirring until the rice is fully heated through.
4. Create a well in the middle and add your egg mix. From here keep the rice constantly moving to ensure the egg is fully worked in and you don’t up with an omelette in the middle!
5. After 2-3 minutes and the egg is completely cooked you’re ready to serve!

This recipe can be adapted to fit your own preference, for example a low carb option would be to use cauliflower rice which holds the flavour very well. You could replace the egg for a semi-firm Tofu to make the recipe vegan.

Lastly the egg combination can also be used on its own for a Chinese style pancake! If you want any other recipes for healthy versions of Chinese food, look no further:

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(picture from Pixabay)