Maximizing your ‘Motive8’tion


Posted on August 13, 2013 by Jenny Cromack

Sticking to any exercise regime can be tough and everyone has had that feeling of dread before a workout every now and again, even the motive8 trainers feel like that too! Although skipping that workout may seem like a nice treat it often leads to poor adherence to your exercise plan in the future and in the long run can lead to a serious lack of drive. The end result of this is you don’t achieve your goals and you end up been even more demotivated about failing. So……how do you force yourself to get the gym or get out in the rain for that interval session. Read on for our top 4 tips:

1. Surround yourself with motivated people – social support is often the key element to keeping motivated, it is said that you are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you are surrounded by positive enthusiastic friends I guarantee you’ll be more inclined to get that session smashed. As horrible as it may be some people will negatively impact your motivation so try and avoid these people and if possible remove them from your life, after all you should be surrounded by positive people.

2. Plan Plan Plan and then plan some more! Nutrition, ‘when I’m going to train, when I’m going to eat my recovery meal….these are all elements which I look to organise before the start of my week. Having this information at hand means that no matter how busy I am, I know I’m going to get that session done at some point and recovery properly afterwards too.

3. Get a personal trainer- a Motive8 personal trainer is going to increase your direction training intensity and ultimately the results you achieve. With both scheduled sessions and training plans written by a professional you will see improvements much quicker, this will create a great feeling and often drive clients to work even harder! Success breeds success!

4. Set short and long term goals- working towards something always drives people to train harder and commit to there training more. In my experience people tend to forget that the clock is ticking all the time, we will never be as young as we are now. Setting a goal creates a deadline, which in my experience is a great tool for getting myself into the gym. If your having trouble setting goals speak to a Motive8 trainer about what is realistic, if you set too ambitious goals not achieving them can be just as demotivating as not setting any.