Posted on July 10, 2017 by Jenny Cromack

A couple of months ago I shared my 10 minute rule tip, a simple way of getting your backside into gear when you really can’t be bothered doing your workout. This week I thought I’d share another simple workout motivation tip with you. You may or may not believe it, but even personal trainers need a bit of self-motivation occasionally, so I even use this trick myself sometimes…you know on the days where the ironing seems more attractive than going for a run (ok, so anyone who knows me reading this will know this is a lie….I never do the ironing!)


So, what is this magical motivational workout tip I hear you ask! Here we go, it’s simple…..the next time that little devil on your shoulder says don’t do that workout today, because you’re tired, too busy, you need to order those shoes, the washing up needs doing I want you to ask yourself this simple question….REASON or EXCUSE? It’s a bit like the ‘Truth or Dare’ game you played when you were young, but this time you’re going to ask yourself Reason or Excuse. 

I’m going to upfront with you, this motivational tip is going to take a bit of honesty from you. If you’re honest with yourself this workout motivation tip will work a treat, if you’d rather bury your head in the sand then it won’t be as effective. Be honest and this simple tip might make the difference between getting that workout in or not, and ultimately making an essential step towards your goal.


These are genuine reasons why you can’t fit in your workout, cook a healthy meal instead of getting a take away, walk to the shops to get the extra steps in instead of driving.


Deep down you will know whether the ‘reasons’ you are giving to shirk that workout, grab a pizza instead of making an omelette (which, by the way, take about 10 minutes to make and are much more nutritious than a soggy, cardboard pizza) are excuses or genuine reasons. An excuse will probably leave you feeling a bit guilty that you haven’t done your workout, you’ll have a million reasons to justify why you haven’t done it but deep down will still know that in your heart or heart you should have done it. A genuine reason will leave you with no feelings of guilt.

Let’s use I’m too tired to go to the gym as an example.

Reason – Sometimes, being tired is a genuine reason why you should skip a workout. If you are genuinely tired, an early night would be more beneficial so your body to allow you to  recover, face the next day full of gusto and give 100% to your next workout. So in this case going home and getting an early night instead of the gym would be a reason not to train.

Excuse – Come on admit it, how many times have you missed a workout because you’re ‘too tired’ but deep down you know that you were, in all honesty, just being lazy. You just couldn’t be bothered. This is the time you should ‘man up’, use the 10 minute rule and get your backside to the gym. You know you will feel so much better for it and you will be one step closer to your goals, not one step further away.

Sometimes, we all need to be honest and be able to give ourselves a kick up the bum when we need it. Remember, when those endorphins are flowing you will thank yourself for it!