Posted on January 12, 2018 by Emily Forbes

New year, new me, same story. Have you once again made a resolution to get fitter, leaner or stronger this year? At this point have you actually changed anything to meet this goal? Or are you currently just doing the same thing you tried last year? It worked for a month right? Maybe its time to meet these goals once and for all and get the pros in! Here are your 10 reasons to get a personal trainer.

personal trainer

10 Reasons to have a personal trainer

  1. They are the experts. Personal trainers have the knowledge to provide you with the right exercises you should be doing to meet your goals. They do regular CPD so are up-to-date with current knowledge in the field of fitness. This also means they can provide clarity on any fitness fads (fasted cardio anyone lol). I love it when people say “I’ll just get a bit fitter then I’ll start with a personal trainer”. I mean, you know what we do right? It’s like saying “I’ll just clean the house then get a cleaner in”.
  2. They can provide you with structured programmes so that you know what you are doing when.  This allows for consistency and progression towards goals; not just turning up to the gym, winging it and hoping for the best.
  3. Motivation. I’m pretty sure HIIT alone vs HIIT with your trainer would look very different. We tend to work harder in the presence of others but there is also a factor of not wanting to disappoint which makes you put in some extra effort.
  4. It can help build gym confidence to go at it alone and try new exercises. Getting a PT was a game changer for me. I used to avoid the weights area of the gym but now that’s my happy place. And even trainers have trainers. I’m no expert in the strength field but I’ve just started with a coach to help me with some new goals. You can shop around too. Check out who most suits your needs. You’re also not being a traitor if you move between trainers if your goals change and they have different expertise.
  5. They will hold you accountable. Its very easy to talk yourself out of a 6am gym session but you’d need a pretty good excuse to cancel on your PT.
  6. They can help you to work around/with any current or old injuries. Their role is also to prevent you getting injured or hurting yourself through exercise. Specialists are also able to help with medical conditions (back care).
  7. A trainer can help you with sport specific goals; quicker time of the start blocks, a higher jump or better agility.
  8. It can remove the thought process. In our daily lives we’re often instructing other people (kids, partners, work colleagues) what to do and its nice to hand the control over to someone else and just have them tell you what to do for once. A great de-stressor.
  9. They can bring the fun and enjoyment into workouts (which makes it feel like less of a workout). Getting creative and bringing new ideas to the table.
  10. Its personal and individual. Programmes are specific to you and your goals. You can build up a strong relationship with your PT. They get to know your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. When to push and when to hold back. And they often become a confidant to vent to.

Its time to make 2018 the year for ACTUAL new me. Make a change, do something different and get some support. Remember, even trainers have trainers.

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