Posted on January 30, 2019 by Kate Halsall

I recently recommended the Fitness Blender website to one of my clients who travels a lot and was bored of doing the Body Coaches HIIT. I love Fitness Blender as an accessible – and doable – home workout. They have a lot to choose from! In fact, I took some inspiration for this 15 minute kettlebell hiit programme from them. Most of you already know my love for kettlebells, so I had to share this with you !


We’ve written a number of blogs about how to warm up properly. They key for me though, is that you should do some kettlebell specific warm up exercises before doing kettlebells. Do these exercises for 40 seconds on with 20 seconds rest twice through:

  • Hip circles
  • Body weight squats
  • Body weight deadlifts (it’s all about the hip hinge)

The Routine

I’ll get this in now – I’m not sorry! It’s 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off (rest). Complete all 15 exercises before putting that kettlebell away. You have time to swap kettlebells if you want a selection for the routine.

  1. Single Arm Clean and Press
  2. Repeat on the SAME arm (mwaahahahahah evil laugh)
  3.  Single Arm Clean and Press Рother arm
  4. You know I’m going to say repeat …..
  5. Double Handed Kettlebell Swing
  6. Do it again – not sorry
  7. Right Leg – Forward Lunge and Feed Through (the kettlebell feeds under the forward leg i.e your right leg)
  8. Repeat on the SAME leg (oh yes, here we go)
  9. Left Leg – Forward Lunge and Feed Through
  10. Just do it……
  11. Alternating Single Arm Swings (so you swap arms in the down phase of the swing)
  12. And again
  13. Figure of 8
  14. Oh go on then – do it again, why not!
  15. Plank Reach (make sure you place that kettlebell away from you so you have to reach for it)


Beautiful. It’s my new favourite. Have fun!