Posted on March 06, 2019 by Jenny Cromack

Have you ever been really short on time but still wanted to get a good workout in?  Perhaps you got caught up in meetings or just couldn’t get out of the office?  Well look no further, because I’ve got the perfect 20 minute super fast squat workout for you.  It’s quick, its effective and it’ll help you build an awesome pair of legs!

Warm up:

2 minutes on the rowing machine, followed by 10 lunges, 10 bodyweight squats and 10 ‘spidermans’ to open up your hips.  This should all take no more than 4 minutes in total.

The Main Workout – all in the squat rack with a barbell…

Part 1 – You have 6 minutes to build up to a moderately heavy set of 10 reps.  This should be a weight that feels like a 7 out of 10 difficulty, challenging but not maximal. Rest for 2 minutes after you’ve found this weight.

Part 2 – Using your 10 rep weight, you’re going to perform a 20 rep max.  That’s right, 20 reps at a weight that was moderately challenging for 10!  This will have your legs, heart and lungs absolutely pumping!  Rest for 1 minute afterwards

Part 3 – 3 times drop set!  Reduce the weight on the bar by 10% and perform a set of 10 reps, as soon as you’re finished immediately drop by a further 10% and perform another set of 10 reps, then once again reduce the weight by 10% and perform one final set of 10 reps.  (Since you won’t have any rests this section should take around 2-3 minutes in total.

Post workout stretching:

Hang from a bar for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then sofa stretch for 30 seconds per leg.  This should help relax your back and your legs after the workout.


And that’s it!  If you’re looking at this on paper thinking it looks easy then you’re in for a VERY big surprise.  This might actually be one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever put together; if you’re truly pushing for a real 20 rep squat max then you’re about to feel a leg pump like never before, not to mention a heartbeat that you can feel throughout your whole body!

Enjoy, and let me know how you get on – Plus if you’re looking for any more lower body workouts, why not try this legs and bum workout?