Posted on June 16, 2017 by Kate Halsall

do it in 12 story

This picture is Cait on week 1 and week 9 of our Do It In 12 programme – a 12 week bespoke personal training programme focusing on two personal training sessions per week, in addition to nutritional and lifestyle support to help you smash your goals.

You can already see that the changes have been phenomenal. By week 9 Cait had already lost 5kg, 36.5cm and 5% body fat – smashing all the goals we had initially set. Not only that but Cait is also much fitter and being healthy and active is part of her lifestyle.

Now in week 11 we’ve got the final measurements looming, and boy are we excited to find out what Cait has achieved! Losses like these don’t just happen – it’s taken a lot of hard work, hundreds of photographs of food and tough workouts. But don’t just take it from me – hear her Do It In 12 story from Cait herself:

Why Do It In 12?

Before Do It In 12 I had reached a point where my fitness level was non-existent. I was constantly lethargic and was the heaviest I had ever been. I realised that my lack of exercise and bad eating habits were making me extremely unhappy and having a detrimental effect on my life, work and overall confidence. I tried going to the gym by myself, but would find that I would often give up after a short session on the treadmill and hate every minute of it.

I had a friend who had completed the Do It In 12 programme and she had really enjoyed the programme and achieved amazing results. She put me in touch with Kate, who was incredibly friendly and helpful and explained the programme to me.  It was exactly what I wanted (and needed) so I took the plunge and signed up.

What was your biggest challenge?

For years, I had believed that to lose fat you had to eat less. The biggest challenge was convincing myself that I could eat much more food than I had been in the past. I also have a job which involves lots of travelling and long hours. Initially it was difficult to get my meals organised so that I always had something to eat on the go, but after a few weeks this has now become second nature.

What’s your biggest achievement during the programme?

Losing almost 5% body fat and 36.5cm in nine weeks!

So, what’s next?

I knew that when I started the Do It 12 Programme that I wanted this to be the start of a lifestyle change and not just a phase. Thanks to Kate I feel far more confident in the gym and I actually feel like I know what I am doing. I will definitely be carrying on with my training with Kate and the Motive8 team.

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