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Top Tips for Training With An Injury

We’ve all been there, smashing PB’s then BAM! Injury sets in and halts all training. It may be sudden and acute or something that slowly develops over time which you ignore until the pain is too much. You try to rest for a while but then head to the gym after 3 days thinking a […]

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Agility And Speed Workout

How Speed and Agility Applies To You I am sure everyone will have gathered that I attended a UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) Workshop this weekend down in London. It was about Plyometrics, Agility and Speed, some of you may not know what that means, some of you may like to know what it […]

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How To Recover Properly

Ok so you have exercised Monday to Thursday a combination of heavy weights, aerobic interval training and hypertrophic training – your body is in pieces but you have a final session to do before the weekend. How on earth do you recover? Well there are couple basic strategies and a couple of more obscure strategies try […]

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Alex’s Favorite Strength Workout

  During a training session, we all have exercises we like, and exercises we hate. You may think as a personal trainer I can just programme exercises and training session I really enjoy. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case very often. This is because if I only selected the exercises I enjoyed I wouldn’t get very […]

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Preventing and Rehabing Injury Workout

The biggest frustration with any type of exercise or performance is injury. As a personal trainer there is nothing worse than when your client picks up an injury. Injury occurs when the load applied to a tissue exceeds its failure tolerance (Bartlett, 1999). When we talk about injury we can categorise them into 2: Chronic […]

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Shoes or No Shoes? Is Barefoot Running Better?

What are your training shoes like? High support? Low support? Do you run barefoot? For decades an argument over whether barefoot running is better for us than shod running has been lingering. The answer is still unclear and in my opinion it depends upon what factors you are looking at. The following article will provide a […]

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Bulletproof Shoulder Workout

My role as a Sports Therapist commonly exposes me to shoulder problems. Recently I have seen a huge increase in the amount of individuals complaining of shoulder pain with symptoms that suggest secondary impingment. These are often influenced by postural deficiencies (forward slumped posture of the shoulders) or muscle imbalances (overactive anterior chain muscles, and […]

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Men, Muscles, and Masculinity

Over the next three weeks I am going to introduce some of my findings coming out of my PhD. These relate to how the muscularity plays a pivotal role in our identities, and may benefit (or hinder us) in managing the impressions we both have of ourselves and project to others. These blogs will include, […]

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Finish Your Workout Right! How To Cool Down Correctly

My previous blog was about preparing your body for training and how important it is to warm up correctly. Throughout the blog I mentioned how a warm-up gets pushed to the side and people don’t understand the advantages. If a warm-up gets ‘pushed to the side’, then an adequate cool down after training gets pushed […]

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How To Warm Up Correctly

Preparing our body for any type of physical activity could be argued for being the most important part of your training session. Unfortunately, warming up is commonly brushed to a side and replaced with immediate intense exercise, whether it be a set of heavy squats or interval training session. Completing a warm-up does not have to take […]

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Why Do My Feet Hurt?

Picture: Is your New Year kick rubbing off in a less than positive way? Are those extra steps you’re taking due to your new wearable technology, or those extra kilometres you’re running training for a freshly entered race, begging the question ‘why do my feet ache ?’ To be fair, it’s not a surprise when […]

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This Is How I Roll – Foam Rolling Techniques

If you’ve ever read any of my blogs, you will know that I believe EVERYONE who does any kind of fitness should do two things : Yoga and Foam Roll. For those of you who already use a foam roller of any sort, I would ask the question “when do you use it”? If you […]

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How To Warm Up Correctly

Everyone, in one way or another, will do a warm up prior to exercise. For some this may be a 5 minute jog on a treadmill followed by some mobility exercises and for others it can be a couple arm swings and a little ‘shake-off’. Whatever you do before your training, it is all for similar reasons: […]

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Target Different Muscles with the Lunge

The lunge/ split-squat is a definite favourite of mine, it’s a diverse exercise that can be used to develop both force and velocity components. As well as this, the positioning of the feet can be maipulated to bring focus to different muscle groups and activation patterns. Here are a variety of modifications you can use […]

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Lower Leg Strengthening For Runners

Following on from one of my previous blogs about strengthening the upper leg, here is an article covering some exercises for lower leg strengthening for runners. By balancing the strength and mobility in this area we can help prevent, and manage, common running complaints such shin splints or Achilles tendinopathy. As in the previous blog […]

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