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8 Week Programme for the Abbey Dash 10K

Here at motive8 we recognise the importance for runners to cross train. With this in mind, motive8 will be delivering an 8 week programme specifically aimed at runners. The bonus is that it is timed perfectly to get people ready for the Abbey Dash! This programme is not here to make you run (you’ll have […]

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Meet our New Gym Instructor Courtney

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce our new gym instructor – Courtney aka Mr Core! He’s a passionate fitness instructor who is also qualified in Sports Massage Therapy. Courtney is looking forward to being a motive8 family member and is fully dedicated in improving client’s health and fitness. What was the attraction of […]

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Top Tips for Training With An Injury

We’ve all been there, smashing PB’s then BAM! Injury sets in and halts all training. It may be sudden and acute or something that slowly develops over time which you ignore until the pain is too much. You try to rest for a while but then head to the gym after 3 days thinking a […]

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5 Gym Bag Essentials I Just Wouldn’t Train Without

Back with another modest but unbelievably epic blog covering my gym bag essentials. For me, these five items must be in my bag as I head to the gym as they help mobilize, motivate and prepare me for exercise. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not reliant on these tools however without them I know I […]

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How To Warm Up Correctly

Preparing our body for any type of physical activity could be argued for being the most important part of your training session. Unfortunately, warming up is commonly brushed to a side and replaced with immediate intense exercise, whether it be a set of heavy squats or interval training session. Completing a warm-up does not have to take […]

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This Is How I Roll – Foam Rolling Techniques

If you’ve ever read any of my blogs, you will know that I believe EVERYONE who does any kind of fitness should do two things : Yoga and Foam Roll. For those of you who already use a foam roller of any sort, I would ask the question “when do you use it”? If you […]

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Get Rid Of Your Pain In The Butt!

Do you often get a pain in the glutes like a deep niggling pain in the buttock or an aching pain in the lower back, or a sharp pain that shoots down your leg? This could be due to something more simple than you thought. I have recently seen several people with similar symptoms which […]

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Benefits of Sports Massage

The use of sports massage as a preparation or recovery tool for sport and exercise seems to be getting more and more popular. If we understand how it works we can understand what the benefits of sports massage are. What is Sports Massage? Sports massage is a manual technique where a therapist will use their […]

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