Posted on August 19, 2022 by Courtney Williams

Here at motive8 we recognise the importance for runners to cross train. With this in mind, motive8 will be delivering an 8 week programme specifically aimed at runners. The bonus is that it is timed perfectly to get people ready for the Abbey Dash! This programme is not here to make you run (you’ll have 10K of running on race day) it’s here to prepare your body for the best run of it’s life – so it’s open to any runners out there.

As such we will be:

  1. Developing muscles in the areas most needed!
  2. Focusing on muscular endurance to help withstand fatigue during the race!
  3. Burning as much fat as possible to give you the best start to the race as you’ll be in your best shape!
  4. Mobilising and stretching muscles for injury prevention!
  5. Getting mentally prepared for the Dash!

There will be a number of blogs with workouts and advice on the run up to the 10k, but of you want that information now – you have to sign up & attend the 8 week programme!

I do however, have a few useful words for you…….

  • Carry water as if it’s your phone or house keys.
  • Avoid over-training so that you don’t injure yourself
  • Motive8 each other (see what I did there!). We’re a team and all of us completing it is better than one finishing first.

We hope to be doing a few pre & post Dash massages at the gym to help prepare & loosen the muscles. So watch this space!